Essential Items for Kitchen Storage and Organization

Small kitchens could pose some problems for keen chefs. You’re limited for storage space, which means your kitchen can quickly become cluttered. Lack of workspace can also make food preparation difficult, and you could find your evening meal accompanied by a tricky Tetris routine.

If this sounds all too familiar, here’s some suggestions to help you organize your kitchen and make the most of your limited space. Picking just a few of these items can make a big difference to a small space. Containers, organizers or even shower racks… Don’t set limits on your imagination and keep your eyes open for clever storage ideas that are laying all around you.

Hooks inside cupboards

The inside of kitchen cabinets is a great place to attach hooks to hang small items like measuring spoons or tea cups. You could also hang a whiteboard or chalkboard on the inside of cupboard doors for notes.

The inside of kitchen cabinets is a great place to attach hooks to hang small items.

Extra shelves

When you have limited kitchen cupboard space, add smaller shelves on top of your existing shelves for storing items like plates, mugs, glasses, or cans. Not only does this help make better use of a smaller space, it also looks tidier, and makes items easier to find and access.

Add smaller shelves on top of your existing ones for storing items like plates, mugs, glasses, or cans.


Pegboards are a practical way of storing and organizing awkward or bulky kitchen items that you use regularly, and they can look pretty funky too. Simply screw a pegboard to the wall of your kitchen, paint it the desired color and then hang hooks from the holes. Simple yet effective.

Pegboards are a practical way of storing and organizing awkward or bulky kitchen items that you use regularly.

Magnetic knife strip

Not only is this practical and space saving, it’s also the safest way of storing sharp knives. You won’t risk hurting yourself when rummaging in drawers. As an added bonus, blades will stay sharper for longer because they aren’t coming into contact with other items in the drawer. You can take this idea a step further and store other kitchen utensils on there as well. All you have to do is to glue small pieces of magnets on the handles of your utensils.

Magnetic knife strips are a practical, space saving and safe solution to store knives.

Magnetic spice jars for your fridge door

Make magnetic spice jars to stick on your fridge door to free up cupboard space and easily organize your spice collection. Use old sweets or chocolate tins that you can easily remove the lids and view all your spices. Alternatively, use metal pots with clear lids and stick magnets to the bottom of each. You can then position them on a metal panel attached to the wall for an effective spice rack solution.

Magnetic spice jars help free up cupboard space and organize your spice collection easily.

Hanging rack for pots and pans

You don’t have to have a huge, fancy kitchen to proudly display your pots and pans. This is a common (and stylish) hack in tiny city apartments. Not only does it free up valuable shelf space, it also keeps your pans in easy reach.

Hanging your pots and pans is another clever solution to save shelf or cupboard space.

Under sink shelves, baskets & hooks

Cupboards under sinks are rarely equipped with shelves, so adding them yourself is a great way of organizing and storing all your essential cleaning supplies. You can even go further and, as well as shelves, attach small baskets to the inside of cupboard doors for storing cloths, sponges, and brushes. You can also add hooks for tea towels and washing up gloves.

Under-the-sink cupboards are rarely used. Turn them into extra storage space with the addition of a shelf, hooks, or baskets.

Storage trolleys

Storage trolleys don’t have to be big, even the smallest ones are great way of adding extra kitchen storage. They are also effective organizing things that you need to use regularly such as spices, cooking oils, or kitchen utensils. Roll them around the kitchen with you for ease, and roll them back to their place when you’re done.

Storage trolleys provide extra space to store things that you use regularly in the kitchen.

Folding table

Wall-mounted tables or fold away ones are ideal for space saving in smaller kitchens. Plus, they double up on function as place to eat as well as extra counter space for preparing food.

Wall-mounted or fold away tables are ideal for space saving.


Use labels to organize your kitchen: from meal portions in your freezer, to food storage jars, to utensils and pots. Having a labeling system is a great way to get and stay organized. It allows you and anyone else using your kitchen to easily find items (and put them away again in the right place).

Labeling is a great way to get and stay organized in the kitchen.

Bonus tips! Think outside the kitchen...

We love thinking outside the box when it comes to kitchen design for smaller spaces. Here are just a few items usually found in other household rooms which are also great for storage and organization in your kitchen. It’s just a matter of creativity and imagination when it comes to finding clever storage solutions.

Shower caddies

Basket-style shower caddies or simple wire baskets can be hung from the sides of cupboards to create extra storage. These are great for vegetables, or for storing washing up products close to the sink. Some prefer to use them for more aesthetic reasons as well, like displaying small plants.

Towel rails

If you can’t hang pots and pans from the ceiling of your kitchen, how about attaching a towel rail to the wall or side of a cupboard, then using hooks to hang your pans?

Magazine racks

Mount a magazine rack to wall space or the side of cupboards to store your favourite recipe books, food magazines, and recipe cards.

Shoe organizers

It may sound strange, but fabric or plastic shoe organizers are great for creating extra space on the back of your kitchen door, or inside bigger cupboards. Use these organizers to store items like small kitchen utensils, spice jars, or packets of food.

You can check our tips on how to best design a small kitchen for more inspiration. Also, we cannot help you make your kitchen bigger, but we do have some suggestions on how to make it feel bigger and look brighter.

Shower caddies, towel rails, magazine racks, or shoe organizers can all be used as kitchen storage solutions.

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