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Official partner of ... diet-delayers
Official partner of ... diet-delayers
Fruit & veg fresh for up to 30 days

Your fresh groceries don’t need to go bad ever again. Precise temperature and humidity controls minimise condensation in your crisper, keeping your fruit & veg fresh for up to 30 days so you have all the healthy ingredients whenever you need them.

NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling
2 separate cooling systems, no odour transfer

It’s difficult to keep the fish in the freezer together with a flavourful cake in the fridge without their odours mixing. NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling’s separate cooling systems for each compartment maintain ideal air flow and optimal temperatures in both the freezer and the fridge. As a result, food stays fresh for longer with no frost build-up or odour transfer.

Active Fresh Blue Light
Vitamin C in fruit & veg preserved

Fresh food sometimes loses their vitamins standing around in the fridge. Active Fresh Blue Light™ helps fruit and veg to continue photosynthesizing, preserving vitamin C levels, natural flavours and nutrients in fruits and veg, and keeping them fresh for up to 30% longer. That means less shopping for you and healthier meals for the family.

Chilled drinks in 15 minutes

Keep your drinks in the pantry until you’re ready to drink them. The RapidCooler™ compartment can cool a 1.5 L bottle or four 330 ml cans from room temperature to 10 °C in just 15 minutes*. That would take a regular fridge 3.5 hours. The compartment can also be used for shock-freezing or producing 80 grams of ice in 30 minutes.

* Tested by internal laboratories