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Official partner of ... diet-delayers
Official partner of ... diet-delayers
Official partner of... diet-delayers

Beko EverFresh+® fridge technology keeps diet-delayers’ fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh for up to 30 days *. So they’ll be just as delicious whether your healthy diet starts tomorrow, next week or even next month.

*Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce)

NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling
Official partner of... food-lovers

With Beko NeoFrost™ dual cooling technology built in to your fridge freezer, food lovers can chill out. Separate airflow between fridge and freezer compartments, along with balanced circulation, maintains high humidity. Coupling this with 2 times faster* cooling, keeps moisture in your beloved food for longer and eliminates odour transfer between compartments. No need to worry about the cream going off before you can eat the rest of your dessert then. Phew.

* Tested by internal laboratories

Official partner of... compulsive-trolley-fillers

Compulsive-trolley-fillers can relax with Beko’s MultiZone compartment that lets them flex the temperature -24°C to +10°C* to chill, soft freeze or freeze whatever they’ve filled their bags with this week. Brilliant.

* Tested by internal laboratories

Official partner of... matchday hosts

When you’re the matchday hosts and your mates are turning up any minute, it’s good to know that Beko RapidCooler™ can chill a 1.5 litre bottle to 10°C in 15 minutes* or four cans** at the touch of a button. Or make you 80g of ice in 30 minutes. Which will it be?

* Tested by internal laboratories

** 1 can = 330 ml