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Official partner of... diet-delayers
Beko EverFresh+® fridge technology keeps diet-delayers’ fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh for up to 30 days *. So they’ll be just as delicious whether your healthy diet starts tomorrow, next week or even next month.
Official partner of... proud cooks
As a proud cook, it’s easy to impress when you’ve got Beko Surf® technology on your side. Uniform hot air circulation cooks your best efforts to perfection, not to mention up to 30% faster* – even if you’re multi-level cooking to please your audience
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor
Official partner of... of life adapter
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology efficiently powers multiple washing programs to adapt around changing everyday needs. Always prepared for the and expected and unexpected events for life.
Official partner of... handwashing haters
For handwashing-haters, dried on dirty dishes are nowhere near as much fun as the dinner party. AquaIntense® - a special ‘Intensive Zone’ on the right hand side of the machine – is able to achieve 5 times improved cleaning performance*, thanks to a 180° rotating arm and 360° water coverage to get those pots and pans sparkling. So put your feet up..
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