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Official partner of ... of life adapter
Official partner of ... of life adapter
Washing Machine
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor
Official partner of... want-it-all types

Want-it-all types know their washing machine can do everything they need at once as the Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology works energy efficiently, durably and quietly. Although listening to them on the phone is anything but quiet...

Official partner of... allergic-to-ironing-types

Beko SteamTherapy™ technology stops allergic-to-ironing types getting hot under the collar about their ironing pile as it reduces the creases in a dry clothes load by up to 58%*, helping decrease odours on the clothes and giving you 28%* less ironing to do. Hallelujah!

*Tested by 3rd party laboratories

Official partner of... cosy houses to curl up in

With Beko SilentTech®, powered by ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology, noise blocking technology keeps washing noise to just 45dBA*. On a standard cotton cycle it will wash in almost silence. Shhhh – here comes the cliffhanger of the final episode of your favourite TV series.

*Tested by internal laboratories

Official partner of... overflowing-linen-basket-culprits

Overflowing-linen-basket-culprits can stay on top of the washing with super energy efficient Beko CoolClean™ technology. Wash at 20°C with the performance of 40°C, while saving 75%* of the energy. So there’s no excuse for an overflowing linen basket now.

*Tested by 3rd party laboratories

Washer Dryer
Official partner of... last-minute-date types

Last-minute-date types can now make a stunning first impression thanks to Beko Wash&Wear®. Choose from temperature settings of 20°- 30°C and get up to 1kg (5 shirts) washed and completely dried in an hour. You go in the shower, your lucky shirt goes in the wash. Now you just need to polish your sparkling wit and you’re good to go.

Tumble Dryer
Official partner of... last minute party people

Make the most of a last minute invite by drying 8kg laundry 24% faster with Beko RapiDry™ than the standard program*. This Beko RapiDry™ short program is the fastest drying in its class. Keeping your best jeans looking good and giving you time to do your hair too.

*Tested by internal laboratories