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Tumble Dryers

Energy Efficiency

Till now, tumble dryers have been known as the most energy consuming products among all household appliances. Beko has now changed this with its new heat pump tumble dryer range. The energy consumption of new Beko heat-pump tumble dryers achieve 60% lower energy consumption compared to even A class models.

Dry&Save (Heat-pump) Technology

Beko’s innovative tumble dryer is a combination of a condensing drier and an air conditioner. The evaporator in the system does the work of the condenser, drying the saturated air. The condenser is used to heat the air that dries the laundry. This closed loop system is a very energy efficient way to dry laundry and condenses the water from it. By means of this energy efficient heat Exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower compared to conventional dryers and so consumes minimum amounts of energy.

FlexySense - Automatic sensor drying

Beko sensor-controlled dryers provide easy use with advanced moisture and temperature sensors. The FlexySense sensors save you from having to guess drying time by allowing you to choose the desired dryness level. The dryer stops automatically when it detects that the requested dryness level has been achieved. The moisture sensor also makes sure that the laundry is evenly dried. The FlexySense sensor is distinguished by its superior quality in comparison to other sensors. For example, in the iron dry program, it can achieve the same precise dryness level in each cycle, independent of the drying load and the water hardness level.

8 kg load capacity

8 kg dryers allow you to dry loads less often, making your life easier by saving you time as well as water and energy


16 programs including; Baby Protect, Sport, Mix, Shirts, Jeans, Xpress, Delicates, Freshen up, Daily, wool Refresh

Large door

The 40 cm large door opening on Beko tumble dryers provide easy loading and unloading of even the most bulky loads, including bathrobes and sheets.

Performance & Safety
• Energy consumption:1,5 kWh 
• Energy class: A-60% 
• Child lock 

• LCD Display 
• Automatic sensor drying 
• Remaining time 
• Program follower 
• Reverse drum action 
• Large door for easy loading 
• Direct drain option 
• Filter cleaning indicator 
• Water tank full indicator 
• Filter Drawer cleaning indicator 
• Child lock indicator 
• Time delay 0-24h 
• Internal drum light 
• Adjustment of dryness level 
• Inox drum 
• 60 cm depth