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Cooking Appliances



Customization via USB connection

Beko Innova Chef ® offers you smart and functional solutions. Full-color TFT LCD screen allows you to display your family photos and personalize your built-in oven in an elegant way. Just keep your lovely memories where you can see them easily and may easily upload the family photos or favorite meal’s recipes.


Language Selection

This special oven offers 13 different languages which are English, German, French, Danish, Russian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Flemish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Croatian & Polish.


Choose your favourite color

Beko Innova Chef offers different screen colour of this oven that can be adjusted according to your taste or even to your mood.

Full Color Cooking Guide

Beko Innova Chef ® has all the information for you including ingredients, instructions, selection of recommended cooking function, temperature, and duration information. You just need to select what to cook then, all steps are shown on the screen to ease your cooking experience.


Steamaid Cooking

Professional restaurant chefs around the world know that cooking with steam means better taste and attractive food presentation. Beko Chef oven brings this wonderful professional feature from the world restaurants to your kitchen. Steamaid cooking feature ensures that the moisture level in the food is retained, providing the perfect hydration for cooking to increase the quality of your food. During the cooking cycle, steam is injected into the oven cavity at predetermined ideal times based on the selected automatic cooking program. Moreover, steam can be injected into the oven cavity manually, up to 3 times during the cooking cycle. Steamaid cooking is highly useful especially on certain food categories as pastries, poultry, meat and fish. The steam technology is ideal for having tender crust on breads and pastries. Moreover, it makes the inner part of the bread softer and fluffier compared to conventional cooking methods. While cooking poultry, meat and fish, steam does an amazing job by retaining the juice but reducing fat in the food. With Steamaid cooking, dried out turkeys, chewy roasts, crusty casseroles and fatty meat become a thing of the past.


Steam Shine Cleaning

It is only a matter of wiping your oven with a cloth to thoroughly cleaning with “Self Care” program For Steam Shine cleaning, generated by a Steam Generator and injected into the oven cavity during the cleaning cycle.


Easy-to-Clean Full Glass Door

Constructed with a full glass panel, the interior of the door is bolt-free, making it easy to clean with a single wipe. Every Beko Built-in oven is equipped with this easy-to-clean full glass door. For more extensive cleaning, the inner glass can be removed with an apparatus.**On selected models.


The first Nano Technology used in domestic ovens

Beko offers a new smart solution to improve everyday lives of consumers. The oleophobic nano coating technology used in the glass door of the Built-in ovens provides dirt resistance and “Excellent Clean” features. Removing greasy stains that accumulate on the oven door over time can be a demanding chore. Beko “Excellent Clean” ovens coated with oleophobic nano coating technology, save consumers from the hassle of scrubbing to remove residues. With this technology, consumers have the advantage of saving time and money; they don’t have to use expensive heavy duty cleansers or need to spend extra time and effort on cleaning oven doors. With oleophobic nano coating technology application on Beko “Excellent Clean” ovens, cleaning the oven door after approximately 20 cooking cycles with a soft cleanser and a piece of cloth will be enough to maintain the shiny and excellent clean appearance for many years. Oleophobic nano coating technology can be used nearly for whole Beko Built-in oven range.


Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Removing greasy stains that accumulate in the oven over time can be a burden. Beko pyrolytic ovens save you from the trouble of scrubbing those hard-to-reach surfaces. The 120-min pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle burns stubborn stains to fine ash as your oven heats itself to 500 °C. The ash can then be simply wiped away with a piece of cloth without any need for detergents or chemicals. For less dirty ovens, you can use the shorter 90-min eco-pyrolytic cycle which saves 25% on energy consumption


Full Size Tray

Thanks to extra large interior, Beko oven trays are large enough to cook up to 25% more food at one go - an intelligent feature that makes it easier to cook large meals. In addition to its size, the 55 mm-deep tray is ideally suited for roasting or baking.


Large Capacity

When it comes to capacity, bigger is definitely better. Despite its standard dimensions, the 65-liter* Beko oven has the largest interior in its class. This large interior provides enough room to roast a big turkey, or prepare a big feast for the entire family and friends. It’s convenient for large families, or anybody who wants to get the most out of a standard Built-in oven.


Pull-out Shelf System

The extending arms of the telescopic pull-out shelf system enable easy and safe access to the cooking tray.


Odor Free Cooking

Built-in ovens continuously circulate air to cool themselves down so that the heat generated does not harm the kitchen cabinets. Depending on the type of food being cooked, this working principle may come with a major drawback: Unwanted food odors spreading throughout your kitchen. Selected Beko ovens are equipped with a special odorfiltering system.


Save cooking time: Booster function for quick pre-heating

The booster function activates all heaters for quick pre-heating to reach the set cooking temperature. On Vitreous Line and Prime Line ovens, the booster function can reduce the time required to reach the desired oven temperature by up to 35%.


Cool Door

Thanks to four layers of glass on the oven door, the surface temperature never exceeds 70 °C even during the pyrolytic cycle, when the inner temperature of the oven can reach up to 480 °C. During standard cooking, the door’s temperature remains as low as 50 °C. On multifunction ovens with three layers of glass, the surface temperature of the door never exceeds 70 °C during cooking, thus preventing any accidental burns.


Warm Keeping

This can be used to keep cooked dishes warm on the side, as well as to warm up the plates or cups before serving. Temperature is automatically controlled. On Vitreous and Prime Line ovens, the temperature of this function can be adjusted in 5 °C intervals between 40 °C and 100 °C. It can also be used for yoghurt making or dough raising.


Multidimensional Cooking (MDC)

Multidimensional cooking is the new generation of professional cooking technology that activates all heating elements on a multidimensional level. The upper, lower, and fan heating elements - combined with the fan - all work simultaneously to provide the most even heat and temperature distribution possible. The MDC function enables multitray cooking. Up to three different dishes can be cooked at the same time, without mixing flavors and aromas

Induction Cooking Technology


Safety, efficiency and cleanliness

This is the latest and most efficient cooking technology available. Induction cookers heat up only when there’s a pot on the vitroceramic surface, while the rest of it gets barely warm. Inside the induction hob, there is a coil that creates a magnetic field. When the pot is placed on the induction zone, this magnetic field transfers heat directly to the cooking pan. There’s no flame or glowing hot surface. The only result is a rapid increase in food temperature that can be precisely regulated. This method of heating ensures minimum energy loss and maximum speed.

Touch & Slide Control for Beko Hobs

Touch & Slide Control Beko hobs feature 19 different levels for each cooking zone separately with Touch & Slide Control* which allows you to make the heat adjustments according to your needs. The timer allows you to set a cooking time for each cooking zone separately. Moreover, when the cooking time is up, the hob will automatically switch off the zone and a buzzer will announce the end of cooking.


9 different cooking levels

The touch control vitro ceramic hobs feature nine different cooking levels for each cooking zone, and the temperature can be set individually for each zone with the touch of a finger. The set cooking level for each zone is digitally displayed on the control area. The working space on the hob is maximized thanks to the central front positioning of the touch-sensitive control area. Beko ceramic hobs turn cooking into a joyous experience, with various advanced features that include: a timer and buzzer, which enable you to program a separate cooking duration for each cooking zone. Once the cooking time is over, the buzzer alarm is activated. You can deactivate the alarm by touching any key on the control panel. A booster function allows you to program each cooking zone to start at maximum power. When the food commences to boil, the temperature remains at the set value until the food is completely cooked.

Cast Iron Pan 
Cast iron pan supports enhance the stylish and professional look of your hob, while providing maximum stability, thereby enabling you to use pots and pan of any size without any risk of tilting or sliding.


Cooker Hoods
Beko cooker hoods offer an odour and grease-free environment, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. With a ventilation capacity as high as 755 m3/hour, selected Beko cooker hoods are powerful enough to refresh the air every two minutes in an average kitchen.* * Calculated for a kitchen of size 10 m2. 

An easy-to-use touch-sensitive control unit displays the set power level. An auto air refreshment function activates the motor automatically for 10 minutes every hour at minimum speed, providing a continuous flow of fresh air circulation in the kitchen. The cooker hood works very efficiently on low energy consumption and low noise, and is also effective in eliminating tobacco odours. When activated, the time-controlled intensive extraction mode increases the extraction power to a maximum level. After 10 minutes, the extraction level of the hood reverts back automatically to the third level. This function is ideal for extracting the steam and intense smells from your kitchen, generated especially during frying or grilling. 

Carbon Filters 
Carbon filters for re-circulation come in very handy without the need of a chimney connection. 

Halogen Illumination 
Halogen hob illumination lights provide clear visibility during cooking. Just pressing a Button simply, you can program your hood to switch off automatically after 15 minutes while you are away. The cooker hood evacuates all traces of odour after an intense cooking session. The saturated filter indicator shows a visual warning by blinking when it is time to clean the cassette filters or replace the charcoal filters. 

Aluminum Cassette Filter 
Aluminum cassette filters absorb any trace of grease and odour in the air. The filters are washable and very easy to clean.