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A++ Save more, consume less

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its enviroment- friendly approach produces A++ energy efficient dishwashers.


6 lt Water Consumption

Smart Beko dishwashers uses active wash technology to provide efficient and gentle washing according to the sensitivity and dirt level of your dishes. This technology applies different water pressures to the lower and upper baskets. Heavily soiled dishes in the lower basket are subjected to higher water pressure while lightly soiled delicate items such as glassware are kept under lower pressure. The innovative brushless DC motor allows the use of active wash technology


Fingerprint-free stainless steel

Thanks to a special coating on the stainless steel surfaces of selected models, fingerprints are avoided. The appliance always looks spotless, clean and shiny.


Easy Assembly

With the easy door-balancing system, door balance can be adjusted for different weights of Built-in doors directly from the front side, without any need for taking apart the sidewalls of the dishwasher. The height of the rear feet can be adjusted from the front without taking the dishwasher out of its niche. Thanks to the smart front feet design, the appliances can be adjusted to fit a niche with +/-100 mm range, from 820 mm up to 920 mm.


Extra-high interior with 86 cm height Specially designed for the new generation worktops with a height of 86 to 92 cm, dishwashers with an extra-high interior provide larger inner dimensions, thus offering the capacity for loading trendy XL size plates in the lower basket.