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Tumble Dryers
Beko Tumble Dryers Pick The Perfect Partner for your washing machine. Simple and easy to operate, Beko tumble dryers have all the features to save you time and money. They are designed to complement Beko washing machines and are available with optional stacking kits. Whether located in kitchen or utility room, there is always a model to accompany your washing machine.


A -60% Energy Efficiency

Till now tumble dryers have been known as the most energy consuming products among all household appliances. Beko has now changed this with its new heat pump tumble dryer range. With its products ranging from A-10% energy consumption to A-60% energy consumption, Beko proudly offers a wide range of dryers. With the selection of these models, now it is possible to save 65% of energy compared to regular tumble dryers.*


Dry & Save (Heat pump) Technology

Beko’s innovative tumble dryer is a combination of a condensing dryer and an air conditioner. The evaporator in the system does the work of the condenser, drying the saturated air. The condenser is used to heat the air that dries the laundry. This closed loop system is a very energy efficient way to dry the laundry by condensing the water in it. By means of this energy efficient heat exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower compared to conventional dryers and so consumes minimum amounts of energy.

High Condensation Efficiency

With specially sealed design, the leakages within the condenser are minimized. The formation of the humidity within the environment will also be minimized by this special technology.


FlexySense / Automatic Sensor Drying

Beko sensor-controlled dryers provide easy use with advanced moisture and temperature sensors. The FlexySense sensors save you from having to guess drying time by allowing you to choose the desired dryness level. The dryer stops automatically when it detects that the requested dryness level has been achieved. The moisture sensor also makes sure that the laundry is evenly dried. The FlexySense sensor is distinguished by its superior quality in comparison to other sensors. For example, in the iron dry program, it can achieve the same precise dryness level in each cycle, independent of the drying load and the water hardness level.

For Time Saving


Xpress 35’

With this program 2 kg laundry (8 shirts) can be dried in just 35 minutes. This program is designed to deliver the speed you need in such emergencies with Beko’s Super Short 14 minute Xpress program, available on selected Beko washing machines, your laundry can be ready in about 49 minutes.


Mixed Program

This program is designed to dry synthetic and cotton garments together in one load, eliminating the need to separate garments into different loads according to fabric type. This new program on Beko dryers thus enables you to uninterruptedly continue drying the laundry washed in the mixed program of the washing machine.


Freshen up

The freshen-up program allows you to get rid of unwanted odors in your laundry with a gentle drum action, ensuring that your laundry is freshened-up without having to be washed.


Baby Protect

With this program, Beko enables you to dry the clothes of your precious little one at the correct temperature by carefully controlling the inside climate via the temperature and humidity sensors.


Special care for delicates

The sensor-controlled Beko tumble dryers feature a special care program for your delicate laundry, ensuring that they’ll be dried gently at very low heat.


Drying Rack Program

With this special program Beko sweeps away your worries about damaging your valuable garments. This program is designed to dry items which are not suitable to tumble in the drum and is suitable for sports shoes, woolens and cuddly soft toys as the rack does not rotate.


Sports Program

Beko takes care of those who take care of themselves. This program dries laundry at an optimized humidity level that is perfectly adjusted for sports clothing.


Large Door

The 40 cm large door opening on Beko tumble dryers provides easy loading and unloading of even the most bulky loads, including bathrobes and sheets.


Adjustable Program End Indicater

A buzzer indicates the end of the cycle in order to inform you that the program is finished and you may take out your laundry. You can adjust the sound level of the buzzer or deactivate it as you want.


Perfect Couple

Smart solutions from Beko help you preserve the integrity of your bathroom. With its LCD control panels and elegant design, Beko washing machine and Beko drying machine will be the great duo in your bathroom.


Auto Anti-Creasing

In Beko dryers, the anti-crease function automatically follows the drying cycle. This function provides ready-to-go laundry, since the gentle drum action separates the laundry and ensures that it remains wrinkle-free.

Larger Drum and Paddle

Beko’s latest range of tumble dryers have larger drums compared with previous models, designed to tackle bigger loads up to 9 kg of laundry and still fits standard depth - as well as stacking on top of suitable Beko washing machines. The drum paddle design minimizes tangling of laundry helping you achieve minimum amount of creasing.