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Washing Machine
Distinguished by its functional deign and smart features,the Beko washing machine range is designed to meet a multitude of requirements while fitting perfectly into any home and space


A+++ Energy Efficiency

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its environmental vision produces washing machines which save 10% more than A+++ energy class.


Silent Tech

Feel the design superiority and the comfort of silence with Beko silent tech technology. The side wall design of this specially developed silent tech reduces the vibration. Together with special program, motor and additional insulation an ultra silent washing is provided. Beko washing machines will bring peace to your home with 65 dBA operating noise level which is almost 7 times quieter than regular washing machines


Baby Protect +

It is known that 12% of all babies are allergic. The specially developed anti-allergic Baby Protect + program targets to provide anti-allergic laundry for your baby. You can get maximum hygienic cleaning results by the help of additional drum movements and sensitive temperature control. Temperature is continuously maintained at a certain level throughout the wash cycle. Additional rinse cycle provides perfect rinsing results which is very important for babies. The program is also capable of removing all sorts of hair as well. 99,9% hygienic and anti-allergic Baby Protect program is tested by Allergy UK. Perfect for the babies suffering from allergy.



Smart Beko washing machines help you to save detergent as well as energy and water. In regular washing machines without any detergent saving systems, nearly 25% of the detergent is lost during the washing process. Specially developed Aquafusion Technology featured in Beko washing machines reduces this amount. You save up to 5.5 kg of detergent every year.

Technology Solutions for Laundry Care


Hi-tech Heater

The Heating Element is an essential component of a washing machine. The new Beko heating element incorporates a state-of-the-art nickel metal surface coating technology resulting in 50% less surface roughness, ensures perfect corrosion protection, and reduces lime-scale build up by 40%. The Hi–tech Heater has an extended life of up to 100 times more than a standard heating element. This means you are very unlikely to experience heating element failure in your washing machine’s lifetime. 40% less lime scale build up on the heater also means the elimination of energy and time lost due to a thick layer of lime scale build up. Since up to 75% of the energy used during a washing cycle is consumed for the heating process only, an efficient heater is essential for effective washing.

For Intensive care and hygiene

Brushless Motor Technology

Beko 8 kg washing machine range features brushless motor technology.
Brushless motor offers the following advantages: 
• Extended motor life 
• Increased mechanical action ratios 
• Better torque and speed characteristics 
• Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection


Fashion Care

Designed for delicate and fashionable clothing items made of materials like viscose and rayon. This program features extra gentle agitation so you can wash your clothes confidently without worry of damage.


Baby Protect

The combined intensive wash and rinse cycles on this program ensure excellent results. It’s especially designed for garments that require special care, such as baby clothing or clothing worn by people with sensitive allergic skins.


Dark Care

It’s time to quit worrying about dark colors in your washing machine. Beko has a special program for dark-colored synthetic or cotton-based laundry that’s suitable for dark clothes or clothes that may blanch. The program performs washing at low temperatures and low spin speeds with slow mechanical movements, while utilizing more water on rinse cycle. The Dark Care program washes a half- capacity load at 30-40 ºC. Liquid detergent or wool shampoo is recommended for dark laundry.


Duvet Program

Dust mites love to breed in the bed, living in mattresses, pillows and duvets. The average bed can easily have over 10,000 dust mites living in it, collectively depositing over two million droppings - a primary cause of asthma and allergies.* Allergies are becoming one of the top health concerns in households. That’s why Beko 8 and 9 kg washing machines feature a special wash program to take care of this problem. The program removes dust mites by thoroughly permeating right through the bedding. The extra-large 8 and 9 kg capacity drum size and special wash program will effectively and thoroughly wash even a king-sized duvet.*Source: British Allergy Foundation report


Self Clean Program

This special cycle provides better machine hygiene by heating the water up to 70ºC. During the Self Clean program, the detergent drawer, pipes, drum and tub receive the necessary cleaning automatically. This special cycle program cleans the tub while it is empty to ensure that residuals do not accumulate in the tub after the wash.


Xpress Super Short

This program is suitable for slightly soiled,unstained and small amounts of laundry, such as socks, towels, bed sheets and t-shirts that have been used only once. Xpress Super Short washes a 2 kg capacity load at 0-30 ºC in just 14 minutes.


Freshen Up Program

This rapid 17 minute program is useful for clothes that are not dirty, but just need freshening up or to remove unwanted odours.


Eco Clean 20 ºC Program

An ecological program which saves up to 80% energy comparing with cotton 40 ºC program. This super - efficient program washes a maximum of 3.5 kg lightly soiled laundry, using suitable detergents which perform at 20 ºC wash temperatures saving time and money.


Easy Ironing

The spin cycle is divided into several spin stages and drum movements that leave the laundry lying loosely in the drum. This special action protects the laundry from creasing and makes ironing simpler and less time consuming.


Pet Hair Removal Function

Beko has developed a smart solution for pet lovers with a function that removes pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal cycle. Thanks to this smart solution of Beko, pet hair is removed from the laundry in an effective way, solving one of the main problems of all pet lovers.


Extra Large Door

Selected Beko washing machines feature an extra- large 34 cm porthole. Even the bulkiest laundry - duvets, sheets, bathrobes - can be easily loaded through the extra large porthole.


Liquid Detergent Compartment

This special compartment is designed for alternative detergent usage, compatible with liquid and concentrated liquid detergents and gives opportunity to use liquid detergent with time delay option.