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What Is An Induction Cooktop and How Does It Work
What Is An Induction Cooktop and How Does It Work

3m read

What Is An Induction Cooktop and How Does It Work



Are you planning to remodel your kitchen, particularly your cooktop? Induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular in the cooking world and are something you might want to consider for your kitchen. Let's take a look at what an induction cooktop is, how it works, and some of its advantages. 



What is an Induction Cooktop?


Let's start from the basics. From an outward appearance, induction cooktops look quite similar to glass-top electric cooktops, but they function differently. The main difference between them is that an induction cooktop uses electromagnetic waves to heat the cookware. These waves turn the pots and pans into their own heating source, leaving the cooking surface cool and safe to touch. The heating process in induction cooktops is faster than electric or gas because there is no burner involved. This system of heating with electromagnetic waves is highly efficient and allows to control the rise and drop in temperature. 

How does an Induction Cooktop work?


Traditional cooking methods include a flame or electric coil that heats the base of the cookware which then transfers the heat to the food. This process is called thermal conduction, but induction cooking eliminates the middleman. It creates an electromagnet field that activates the iron or steel atoms in the base of the cookware indirectly heating the cookware without heating the cooking surface or the kitchen. Here are few different functions you can use on the induction hob


Cookware for Induction Cooktop 


Induction cooktops require special induction-friendly cookware which are essentially flat-bottomed. This cookware must be made of a magnetic material either iron or stainless steel for them to carry out induction heating. The best way to check if your cookware is induction-compatible is to conduct a magnet test where one can simply hold a magnet at the bottom of the pan or a pot and if it sticks, the cookware will work with the induction stovetop. You can also check the induction logo under the cookware to see if they are compatible. Here are a few more tips to know if your cookware is compatible with induction hob

Advantages of Induction Cooktop


Some of the advantages of induction cooktops are as follows: 


Energy Efficiency:



Direct heating in the induction puts the heat on the pot directly without heating other elements. So, no heat or energy is wasted. Also, the food cooks much faster, meaning the cooktop does not have to be on for a long time. Induction cooktops are therefore considered to be much more energy efficient than electric and gas cooktops. 




The physical cooktop does not get heated, so even if you were to accidentally touch it, it will not cause any burns. This will relieve parents who have children around the kitchen as they are cooking.



The primary advantage of induction cooking is its ability to cook food faster than gas and electric cooktops by essentially eliminating the middle step in generating heat. 


Easy to Clean:


Induction cooktops are easy to maintain. Since the cooktop does not get heated and remains relatively cold, it is highly unlikely that any spills will get burnt on the surface. You can simply wipe off any spilled liquid or dirt using a cloth, making cleaning a breeze.

Precise temperature control:


Induction cooktops have a very responsive control for temperature with even heat distribution. Unlike the electric cooktop, the induction cooktop avoids lag when adjusting the temperatures so that you can heat up and cool down as and when you like.

Is an Induction Cooktop for you?


If you are looking to purchase a new cooktop and if an induction cooktop suits your culinary requirements, it is a great investment as it provides faster heating, improved energy efficiency, and increased safety.


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