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Beko StainExpert Washing Machine removes 24 different stains
Beko StainExpert Washing Machine removes 24 different stains

5m read

Remove stains from your clothes in one wash!

Remove stains from your clothes in one wash
Remove stains from your clothes in one wash

Thanks to Beko's special StainExpert program, you can easily deal with even the most difficult stains!


Clothes are a powerful communication tool. However, its importance is often underestimated. In the blink of an eye, your clothes tell who you are. Or from the moment you walk into a room, people may assume more than a dozen things about you. That's not fair at all, but it's true. This is why doing laundry is one of the most boring chores at home, but it is a source of pride for many people.


The clothes you wear give many clues about you


At this stage, the most important issue is how to wash the laundry. To make a good impression on people you know or don't know, you should wash the clothes correctly. Although the washing instructions are explained on the labels on almost all the textiles you use, we still make a lot of mistakes. Here are some of them.

  • High temperatures make my laundry clean. No!
  • If I wash my delicate laundry by hand or on the delicate program, it is not clean enough. No, no!
  • The more detergent, the cleaner the laundry. No, no, no!


So how can you remove stains such as coffee stains and mud stains from clothes?


The first step in making the answer to the question easier is to divide your laundry into different categories. It's best to group them by color first. You can group them as all white with a light color and a dark-colored group.


Then divide the dark colors into those that give color and those that don't. Sort them by color and then sort them into 'heavily soiled', 'normal' and 'light'. In this way, you can wash your clothes more cleanly.


It may seem right to you to put as many clothes as possible in the washing machine, but loading too much laundry not only reduces the washing efficiency, but also causes serious damage to the machine. 


Use right amount of detergent


Using too much detergent during washing causes excessive foaming and new stains on shirt collars and elsewhere. Therefore, washing clothes with excess detergent is not a good option. Washing the laundry too often is not always the best solution.


Washing the laundry too often is not always the best solution. This process shortens the life of clothes. Because regardless of its quality, every garment will be deformed due to detergent when washed.


Many of the detergents you use contain inexpensive household ingredients, such as salt, that can make clothes lighter. Using washing powder can also remove bleach-like stains. Therefore, using liquid laundry detergent prolongs the life of your clothes.


But it is the most important step for the laundry to be clean every time by choosing the right washing program.


Beko washing machines offer three main washing program types; Cottons, Synthetics and Woollens, all of which have variable temperature selection (though each fabric type has a fixed top temperature and maximum spin speed).


Beko washing machines offer a range of extra washing programs, like StainExpert, Anti-allergy, Baby Clothing, Dark Care, Outdoor / Sports, Xpress Super Short 14 min. Also, you are still able to adjust the spin speed and temperature on these programs too.


In particular, Beko’s StainExpert program will make your job much easier in the hustle and bustle of daily life. StainExpert program can remove 24 different types of tough everyday stains, from coffee stain to mud stain with three different levels of soiling available. Remove all stains easily and spend more time on your own healthy lifestyle.

Why is my laundry not getting clean?


Using the correct washing programs for washing will help clean your clothes and keep them looking clean.

What is the best cycle to wash clothes in?


It totally depends on the type and texture of fabric you are going to wash. If you are a new Beko owner or are planning to become one, make sure to check the program types in the link.

How can I use my washing machine more efficiently?


Make sure to select the correct washing program and temperature. Learn the correct ratio of laundry and detergent. Keep your machine clean.