How do I set or cancel a delayed programme on my Beko dishwasher?
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How do I set or cancel a delayed programme on my Beko dishwasher?

If you want your dishwasher to finish its cycle at a later time, you can delay the start or set an end time to the selected programme on your dishwasher (depending on the model of your appliance). This is especially useful if the cost of electricity or water is lower at specific times of the day. 


To set a delayed programme, load your dishwasher and select the programme along with any additional functions. Press the Time Delay function button to set when you want your appliance to start. Close the door of your appliance. Once the time delay has ended, the selected programme will start automatically. While the Time Delay function is active, you cannot make changes to the washing programme, additional functions or the delay period.


To cancel the Time Delay function, open your dishwasher’s door and hold the Programme Selection/Programme Cancel buttons simultaneously for three seconds. Then close the door of your appliance and wait for the draining process to finish.


For more information, head over to our guide on Beko dishwasher programmes and features.