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Join us for Earth Hour 2022 to help cure the planet
Join us for Earth Hour 2022 to help cure the planet

5m read

One world, one future, one hour

One world, one future, one hour
One world, one future, one hour

Join us for Earth Hour 2022 to help cure the planet by switching off all lights for one hour


We know that our today and tomorrow depend on our natural resources. Unfortunately, our natural resources aren't endless. Sustainability also means establishing a balance between nature and humanity, which is directly dependent on us.


The fact that climate change doesn't cause irreversible consequences for humans and other species depends on the fact that the increase in the average surface temperature remains below 1.5°C.


Scientists have specified that the temperature increase should be kept at the 1.5°C limit in order to be protected from the devastating effects of climate change. Therefore, carbon emissions should be reduced immediately.


If we don't reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, it is predicted that there will be an increase of approximately 3°C in global average surface temperatures by 2100.


In order to explain the situation more clearly, let us explain what will happen if there is an increase of 3°C...


The results of the 3 degrees increase are pretty scary:

Biodiversity will be endangered.

There will be difficulties with accessing water and food,

Our losses will increase due to extreme weather events and disasters,

Agricultural production will become impossible due to drought,

410 million people in the world will be exposed to severe drought,

The habitats of the 49 million people will be affected by sea-level rise and will be flooded,

Coral reefs, which provide food, protection and income to 500 million people today, will all vanish.


To prevent these, it's very important that we as brands and people adopt a sustainable life and reduce our carbon footprint.


So let's see together what we can do to protect our world


First of all, join us on Earth Hour day on 26th March and turn off your lights for an hour.


Adopt a minimalist lifestyle


We have to learn to live with what we need. We have to make the right decisions today for the next generation so they can fulfil their needs.


Learn about waste management and recycling


Failure to recycle waste causes serious resource losses, both material and energy. Therefore, we should all think about what we can do to zero waste in our homes.


Reduce the use of energy resources


We can take small steps by sitting in the dark for one hour every day, sometimes preventing the use of unnecessary electricity, water etc. The smallest action will contribute to sustainable living and change our habits.


Pay attention to the use of eco-friendly products


We may prefer eco-friendly alternatives. This choice will make us feel good and contribute to our environment and nature. Let's not forget the contribution is ineffable, whether big or small.

What is Earth Hour?


Earth hour is a global movement uniting all of us to take action on protect the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Earth Hour started as a switching off all non-essential lights for an hour event in Australia in 2007. Since then, it has grown to more than 185 countries.

What is Beko doing for a sustainable world?


We've been paying attention to sustainability for years. We start with our sustainable raw material selection, which is followed by bold actions in production. Harvesting rainwater, green electricity, recycled and bio-based material usage are just some of them. 

What should I do on earth hour day?


The first thing anyone can do to get involved is to turn off their lights during earth hour. Let's take the first steps towards reversing the change this Earth Hour. Join us in this movement to help cure the planet by switching off for an hour.