4 Kitchen Essentials & Must-Haves For 2021
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2m read

4 Kitchen Essentials & Must-Haves For 2021


Happy new year to all the home cooks nationwide! It’s no easy feat surviving the last year’s quarantine situation, which no doubt put your cooking skills to the test daily. With dining in being a relatively unsafe option in 2020, families have spent more time in their home kitchens than ever before.



Now, 2021 comes with a promise of a vaccine—and until then, we’re still staying put indoors. But that doesn’t mean everything has to stay the same. Family cooks, it’s time to invest in new kitchen improvements and reward yourself for a job well done keeping the household fed last year. 



If you’re looking to beef up your kitchen workspace this 2021, here are four appliances to improve your experience.




If you don’t have a kitchen hood yet, now’s the time to invest in one. Staying indoors to stay safe means having to keep your home as fresh as possible, and hoods help keep stovetop and other kitchen odors at bay. 



Top quality hoods, like Beko’s, not only increase ventilation but make filter cleaning easy for you with dishwasher-safe filters and even automatic hourly refreshment for some models. Not to mention, hoods also make your kitchen look much more professional.



Fridge Freezers


Food storage remains important since quarantine is still ongoing. Make sure you buy a large refrigerator to have enough space and cooling power. This keeps your grocery runs to a minimum. 





Beko’s fridges are equipped with technology to make your home kitchen more efficient: like the Active Fresh Blue Light to keep your fruits fresh longer, NeoFrost Dual Cooling which prevents odor transfers, and additional energy saving features to keep your bills down.



Electric Hobs


Although Filipino households typically use them, flame cookers aren’t the end-all be-all of home kitchens. This year, you can explore options like hot plates or vitroceramic hobs: a more child-friendly cooking experience so you can share food moments with your family. Quality hobs will have child-safe security features like locks so you’re left worry-free if your little tykes wander into the kitchen.






Remember all the sourdoughs and sushi bakes that popped up on your feed in 2020? Well, that baking trend will probably still crossover to this year as quarantine continues. Make sure you can join in on the fun with your very own oven. 





A multifunctioning oven you can easily buy online would be a great choice for your safety. At the same time, the appliance’s versatility would be useful as you explore pastry making, new baked dinner recipes, and maybe even other non-food hobbies like polymer clay crafting. Sky’s the limit for new opportunities.


The best time to level up your kitchen is now, folks. With Beko helping you discover ways to have a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, the coming year will be a breeze when it comes to kitchen duties.