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Health And Safety Tips For Your Kids During GCQ

Health And Safety Tips For Your Kids During GCQ
Health And Safety Tips For Your Kids During GCQ

With the implementation and extension of general community quarantine (GCQ) in Metro Manila and various provinces in the country, many establishments and companies have reopened their doors for business. However, this does not mean that everyone is free to go out as there are guidelines that still need to be followed. 


The health and wellness of every child remain to be every parent’s utmost priority. Aside from having an efficient and best-priced refrigerator to keep all food fresh, there are many ways moms and dads can protect their children while in quarantine.


Avoid unnecessary travel



During the GCQ, families must stay at home and continue to limit their movements. Even though numerous establishments have opened, do not put kids at risk by letting them tag along. It is recommended that a person in the family is to be assigned for errands.

Take vitamins and minerals



As the immune system is in charge of defending the body against bacteria and other diseases, it needs all the help it can get. Taking needed vitamins and minerals regularly can help boost its ability to fight off the coronavirus.



Use a face mask




Due to the demand for respirators and surgical face masks, it has been hard to find one without an insanely expensive price. Because of this, most have opted for alternatives made with cotton. There’s nothing wrong with this type of face mask but it isn’t as effective in filtering the virus’ particles. According to the Centers for Disease Control, however, these makeshifts are better than none.



Encourage proper hygiene



Most infectees of COVID-19 have gotten the disease from contact with infected people or infected surfaces. With this in mind, the practice of proper hygiene can add an extra layer of protection for kids and the whole family. Consider buying a washing machine with a feature that can wash away microorganisms and eliminate 99.9% of allergens.



Serve healthy meals 





There’s no alternative for a well-balanced diet. No amount of vitamins can replace good and healthy meals for your kids. As parents, it is imperative to stock up on foods that can fill the body’s nutrient needs. If you have enough budget, you can even buy an oven online and spend some time with your kids while baking healthy goodies.



The new normal is here. While there’s no telling when the coronavirus will cease to exist, making the points above a regular habit can help ensure health and wellness in the family.