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2m read

How To Celebrate Love This New Normal


Another celebration done at home, but it’s better safe than sorry. With the current situation of the Philippines and the world, a new normal has taken place. It’s now recommended to skip the out-of-town trips or dine-out dates with your significant other during Valentine’s Day and other events. While it’ll be different than what’s usually done by couples, there’s also nothing bad about celebrating love at the comfort of one’s home.



Whether you want a simple dinner or something more grand, here are cozy ideas to show your love for your partner:



Feel pampered with an at-home spa





Spend a relaxing time with your partner through a night of pampering. Prepare scented candles and massage oils to complete the ambiance and give off that spa vibe. You may either avail a home service massage through certified massage providers or do it on your own. 



If you’re worried about availing a home service massage, there are legitimate massage providers who test their employees regularly. Stick with these types of providers to ensure everyone’s safety in your household. 



Watch a movie





It’s definitely not the first time someone may have planned for it. So, if you’re aiming for this activity, add something sentimental to make it more special. This is also where paying attention to your loved one’s likes and dislikes prove to be helpful. Aside from shows they want to watch, add in some of their favorite healthy snacks too.



Explore new healthy dishes



Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as easy as it seems. It can be tempting to give in to junk food with the temptation around. However, if teamed up with your partner, it can be easier to stick to healthy eating habits. All you need is the proper ingredients and reliable kitchen appliances for your cooling and cooking needs. 



For this celebration, try to research for healthy meals, which you think you and your loved one will like. You can also ask their opinions and get them involved in buying ingredients and cooking the food itself. 



The new normal can be limiting, but this does not mean you can’t spend the day showing your partner how much you love and care. With a little research and effort, you can make your love month celebration special.