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1m read

How To Save Energy During The Rainy Season

How To Save Energy During The Rainy Season
How To Save Energy During The Rainy Season

As the Philippines shifts to its rainy season, Filipino households are looking forward to saving on their electricity bills. This is mostly because the hot dry season of the country tends to ramp up the use of appliances as power generators work twice as hard.



While the rainy weather does have its perks, it doesn’t guarantee energy-savings. It will always still depend on your usage. To help you slash your energy consumption, listed below are some tips you can apply in your home:



Unplug appliances when not in use





All appliances plugged consume energy, even when turned off. Most people have this perception that if turned off, appliances stop drawing power. This is not true! Unplugging is the best way to save on your power bills. Leaving a charger or a gadget plugged for quite some time can result in a spike in your energy consumption.



Dry clothes wisely





With constant rain, it gets harder to dry clothes naturally. Thus, most homemakers make use of their dryers. While this is really helpful, it’s important not to go overboard. There are also energy-saving washing machines and dryers, which can help minimize energy consumption. Consider this when buying a new washing machine or a washer dryer.



Be smart with lighting





The rainy season calls for better indoor lighting. On bright days, you may not even need to use these lights. But with continuous overcast skies, you’d require it more than usual. So, it’s advisable to change your light bulbs to energy-saving ones. Also, standing light fixtures can prove to be beneficial when cutting down on electric consumption.



Turn air conditioners on less





Although the rainy season signifies a cooler climate, it’s not always the case. The Philippines is a humid country, so expect it to get hot every now and then. So unless needed, switch over to fans. It’s sure to help you save some serious money.



As a lot of people still have a work-from-home setup, energy consumption is higher than usual. Applying these tips can go a long way for Filipino households, especially during these trying times.