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2m read

Must-Have Home Appliances for a Safer and Healthier Home


With the sudden rise of new COVID-19 cases in the country, many are wary about their family’s safety. It’s essential that as parents we ensure that our kids have the best fighting chance against the virus. Homemakers are all advised to apply extra precautions at home.



To help turn your household into the safe haven it should be, check out these helpful Beko home appliances:



A dust-free home



Dusts accumulate over time, especially with inefficient cleaning. While it’s something we can’t eliminate entirely at home, we can significantly lessen it with a Beko vacuum cleaner. You can opt for a cordless one, which can lessen the hassle of reaching every nook and corner of your home. And in spite of being cordless, it still has impressive motor power to make sure you catch those nasty dust bunnies.



A fresher meal



With the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, it’s always a good thing to stock up your pantry. This doesn’t mean you should opt for just the processed and packaged foods though. You can still have healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle as long as you buy a refrigerator that can support it.



Beko has added a useful feature in their refrigerators. Its HarvestFresh technology can keep your vegetables and fruits crisper by mimicking the sun’s 24 hour light cycle. This helps preserve vitamins and minerals three times longer than any other refrigerator.

A cleaner wash





When buying a washing machine, what are the usual considerations? One of the concerns for homemakers is the amount of clothes it could efficiently wash at a time. Beko has forethought this concern and has launched a technology to assist homemakers in protecting their family. With Beko Hygiene+, effectively kill 99.9% of allergens, bacteria, and viruses with the use of hot air and high temperatures to disinfect garments.



The job of parents isn’t always easy. It’s a continuous battle to ensure our children grow up strong and healthy. This is why Beko continues to help in making it easier through its innovative products, researches, and technology. For a healthier and safe home, choose to partner up with Beko.