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Choosing the Right Cooker for Your Family’s Needs
Choosing the Right Cooker for Your Family’s Needs

1m read

Choosing the Right Cooker for Your Family’s Needs

Choosing the Right Cooker for Your Family’s Needs
Choosing the Right Cooker for Your Family’s Needs

With the impending holiday preparations this December, it’s time to check if your kitchen is up to the task. An efficient range that allows you to cook a large volume of food simultaneously will save you time without sacrificing quality.



If you’re thinking about making the switch to a brand new cooker in time for your family celebrations, make sure you get one that’s best fit for your needs. After all, your cooker will most likely be a long-term commitment, especially for everyday home cooks. Here are cooker features you’ll want to assess when making the choice.




Hobs are the external heating surfaces or burners on your cooker. There are many different types on the market now, each with their pros and cons. Here, we’ll discuss four: gas, vitroceramic, hotplates and wok burners.



Gas hobs: They are traditional and remain the most popular burner for cookers. Their gas-powered flames heat any kind of pan up quickly and use the least resources. 



Vitroceramic hobs: With their flat surfaces, these hobs electrically heat up pans with even heat distribution. Their flameless surfaces eliminate fire hazards and are easy to wipe clean. These hobs heat up more gradually which allows for slower, more casual cooking.



Hotplates: Same with vitroceramic hobs, hotplates run on electricity, boast even heat distribution and are easy to clean with their flat surface. They work with most flat-bottomed pans which make them versatile and are also best for casual cooks when it comes to their heating capacity.



Wok burner: These powerful gas-powered burners usually come as a single hob in a cooker with varied hobs. Wok burners emit concentrated flames made to heat large, specially shaped pans like—you guessed it—woks.





Freestanding cookers now often come with an oven, but an important decision you need to make is whether to get an electric or gas one. If you’ll buy an oven online, read the fine print on its features properly. The more contemporary electric ovens are less of a fire hazard, even in heat distribution and temperature and hold less humidity. Gas ovens heat up quickly, are more traditional, and saves you a lot in the electricity bill. If you’re a frequent baker who doesn’t want the extra bills, a gas oven might be your best option. If you’re after convenience and minimizing fire hazards, you might be better off with an electric oven.



In addition, you can also get ovens with a grill feature if you often prepare grilled meals for your family. These also come in electric and gas variants which depend on your chosen kitchen range.



Energy consumption


If an electric cooker is your appliance of choice, you need to be mindful of your energy consumption. Go for energy saving appliances, especially if you’re a frequent cook. Beko’s cookers have main cavity energy efficiency rankings for you to make the most informed purchase possible.



Beko’s selection of freestanding cookers have a variety of options suited for any home kitchen. For instance, we have a Split & Cook® technology where you can cook and bake faster at the same time, without mixing each dish's scent - perfect for holiday meal preparations!



We want to help you in living your healthy lifestyle to the fullest, so we equip our products with energy-efficient technology that saves you money and time in the long run. With your new cooker, it’s time for you to conquer your holiday banquets.