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How to Finish Laundry Faster for the Holidays
How to Finish Laundry Faster for the Holidays

2m read

How to Finish Laundry Faster for the Holidays


Family time always comes as a priority when the holidays roll around. That means trying to shave time off your errands to make the most of the season. A tedious chore we always face is laundry: From sorting to washing, drying to folding, it can take precious bonding hours away from you and your loved ones. Want to get laundry done faster? Try incorporating these easy tips into your healthy habits for life.

Pre-sort your dirty clothes



Doing sorting and washing consecutively can take up a huge chunk of your day, especially if you’re part of a larger household with more clothes to mind. Cut the daily work by dedicating a different day for sorting. For an even more efficient system, you can assign segregated hampers where household members can throw their dirty clothes into the appropriate basket immediately. 

Use sock bags



How much time have you wasted hunting for a pesky sock that’s gone missing from its pair after a tumble in the washer? To avoid this scavenger hunt, place the dirty socks into a soft cloth or mesh bag to keep them together in your laundry machine. Now all that’s left is to match and fold them together.

Avoid wearing heavier fabrics



Heavier fabrics like denim or wool eat up more space in the wash and take much longer to dry.  To keep your laundry load light, consider using these clothing items less. Skipping a wash for your jeans isn't recommended these days for safety reasons, so it's better to stick to lighter clothes that need less time in your washers and dryers.



Let your washer treat stains for you



Your greatest enemy on the laundry front is dealing with stains, and this is especially frequent during Noche Buena season. Treating them takes time and patience, especially tough stains on delicate fabric. To avoid this tedious task for good, buy a washing machine that treats stains for you. Beko’s washers are equipped with the latest SteamCure technology which steams your clothes before washing them, loosening dirt and stains to help remove them.



With these efficient systems and equipment, you’re sure to make the busy holiday season a little less hectic. The great thing is you can take these tips with you for the rest of the year.