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2m read

How To Handle Laundry During The Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably already planning how to safely celebrate with your family. The usual plans of holiday trips can be quite tricky with the Philippine government restrictions in place. While it's okay to travel as long as you secure proper travel documents, the best and safer choice would be to spend the festivities in the comfort of your home.


On top of the holiday preparations, most homemakers would still have to worry about daily house chores, especially laundry. Considering it’s one of the most laborious house chores, there’s no going around it, more so if you have a big family. The best solution is to buy an efficient washing machine and follow these tips:


Sort your laundry


For the holidays, add this trick to help you decide when to wash your clothes. Consider assigning baskets for delicates, white or light colored, and bright or dark colored garments. As soon as a basket is filled, it’s time to do the laundry.


Prepare detergents and other laundry products


Measuring how much detergent you need to use and so on can add up the time you spend for laundry. Preparing this beforehand can lessen mistakes of putting too much and allow you to move on with your other tasks for the day. Of course, having a washing machine with reliable features can also benefit you a big deal.


Get your whole family involved


There’s nothing wrong with requesting your family to make this hectic season easier. Encourage your kids to learn how to presort their clothes by themselves. This can also serve as a learning experience for them, after all. You can also request your partner to take over your ongoing task should there be any clothing stains you need to pay attention to. With your family’s cooperation, enjoy the celebration and festivities you helped prepare.


Laundry can be a tough chore, especially when combined with other tasks. But with enough preparation and a bit of help, you can go through it without any fuss.