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2m read

Reasons Why You Should Get A Beko Steam Oven


When you’re out there looking for ovens to buy online, it may be challenging to narrow down your choice with so many options. Each brand has its own set of features that can prove advantageous and beneficial for your cooking. It all boils down to your preference and needs in your cooking process.


At Beko, we pride ourselves on high-quality ovens that use the Steam Solutions in the cooking process. Here’s why homeowners should avail a Beko Steam Oven.


Better quality in cooking


Steaming has been proven to not heavily alter the flavor of the food during the cooking process. This means that you’re able to taste each ingredient’s authentic flavor, making each dish bursting with the taste of different elements coming together beautifully. Not only that, but Steam Solutions also makes vegetables crispier, meat juicier, and pastries puffier with the moisture. Quality meals are guaranteed with a Beko oven!


Healthier and nutritious alternative


Aside from the benefits of preserving flavors, steaming also preserves the nutrients and vitamins in the food. In comparison, other methods such as frying can kill the nutrients inside, making it not as nutritious as it should be. By steaming food, you not only get flavorful dishes but healthier ones as well. Great for keeping you and your family’s health in check - and tastier, too!


Energy-efficient cooking


Each Beko product is certified energy-efficient and green, ensuring you’re saving lots of energy each time you cook. The US counterpart of Beko has won numerous awards related to energy efficiency, such as ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence, ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, and ENERGY STAR® Certified. Moreover, the parent company of Beko, Arçelik, has been applying carbon-neutral methods in their global production since 2020. This shows Beko’s initiative in combating the adverse effects of carbon emissions on the environment, such as climate change.


So to summarize, the main reason why you should get a Beko Steam Oven for your kitchen is because of its Steam Solutions technology, allowing for tastier, better-cooked, and healthier meals. Each oven, much like every Beko appliance, is also energy-efficient and made through methods that emphasize carbon-neutrality. So if you do choose Beko, you’re guaranteed a better cooking and dining experience altogether - and one that doesn’t feel hefty on the bill.


Want our recommendation? Browse through our line of freestanding cookers! Each appliance is equipped with multiple features and functions for a more convenient cooking experience. And not only that, with its larger capacity, you can cook more servings for everyone in the family. Get your own Beko freestanding cooker now!