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Tips in Celebrating Valentine's Day this New Normal
Tips in Celebrating Valentine's Day this New Normal

1m read

Tips in Celebrating Valentine's Day this New Normal


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re probably beside yourself with worry on what to do. You may want to go all-out in your plans, but your budget is proving to be a hindrance. But fret not! Even a simple Valentine’s Day dinner date can still feel special and memorable. Aside from that, a home date is also a safer alternative - what with the pandemic and new variant still ongoing. Here’s how you and your significant other can enjoy a delicious meal without making a huge dent on your savings and risking your safety.


Make use of the contents of your refrigerator and pantry


You may not realize it, but the food in your refrigerator and pantry, whether they’re new ingredients or leftovers, can still make for a great meal. Check out what you have inside and see what food you can prepare or what leftovers you can repurpose. This saves you the time, effort, and money of having to shop for new ingredients.


If you’re worried that the nutritional value of these ingredients would diminish over time, buying a refrigerator that gets rid of that problem is an absolute must. With the HarvestFreshTM Technology found in Beko’s refrigerators, you can preserve the vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables in storage. Through its mimicking of the 24-hour sun cycle, you can enjoy cooking a healthy meal with all the nutrients of the ingredients intact.


Buy cheaper ingredients.


If you need to go out and buy new ingredients, go for the cheaper options. It may seem like you’re not going all-out for your date or that you’re not giving your significant other what they deserve. But you’d be surprised how many delicious meals you can make with simple, affordable ingredients. You can still prepare something that will wow your partner, even on a budget. Your pockets will also thank you in the long run.


Prepare easy-to-make meals


Now that you’ve prepared all your ingredients, the next is to cook a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner with them. It might be encouraged to go for something fancy, but this is the better option if you don’t have the time or the means (such as more expensive appliances for specific cooking styles). Not to mention that going outside of your comfort zone can lead to more hiccups instead of the smooth dinner you want it to be.


You can still make your simple dishes more delicious by having the right appliances to cook them. With Beko’s Steam Solutions technology found in their ovens, you can prepare a healthy and tasty meal with the taste and nutrients intact. Buy a Beko oven online now for better food for any occasion.


Your Valentine’s Day dinner need not be expensive, extravagant, and over-the-top. Sometimes a simple, affordable meal can be delicious and make this day more memorable for the both of you. Follow the tips above to ensure that, even under a tight budget, you can pull through for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.