What kind of dishes should I avoid washing in the dishwasher?
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What kind of dishes should I avoid washing in the dishwasher?

Check the manufacturer’s instructions before putting an item in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, not all items have this information on their labels. 


As a rule, avoid putting utensils that have stick-on parts, hand-painted dishes or porcelain items with gold or silver details in the dishwasher. Also, aluminium or aluminium-coated pots and pans can cause corrosion in your glassware. 


Here is a list of common kitchenware that you should avoid washing in the dishwasher: 

- Cast iron

- Crystal

- Hand-blown and hand-painted glass

- Wooden utensils 

- Non-stick pans 

- Copper pans 

- Soft plastic

- Aluminium utensils

- Disposable aluminium

- Gold-plated dishes

- Insulated mugs

- Anything with adhesives

- China (hand-painted or antique)

- Hand-painted ceramics/stoneware

- Enamel

- Pewter