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Career Opportunities


Our products are known for their high quality and innovative technology, and this reputation would not be possible without the strengths and talents of our employees. By providing opportunities for their development and advancement, we are able to continue to create outstanding value for our customers.


Find your next opportunity for growth in the available job offerings below. Use the application form to send your résumé and other qualifying information. Be sure to check this list regularly, as offerings change often. Please, no phone calls.

Job Title: Tax Accountant - Bolingbrook, IL


Manages all aspects of sales and use tax-related engagements including all personnel performing sales and use tax compliance. Develop a thorough understanding of SAP to external tax engine data transmission logic in order to successfully analyze exceptions of tax calculation occurrences.

Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor - Bolingbrook, IL


This role is responsible for inbound and outbound freight/deliveries ensuring safety and security measures and established best practices and company standards are being met. Directs and oversees the layout and design of company warehouses to optimize product/SKU placement; ensure safety; reduce damage; maximize efficiency

Job Title: Regional Service Manager - California Area


As a Regional Service Manager, your primary responsibilities will be to develop a high-quality service network within your assigned territory. To support customers on all after-sales issues and concerns. Help customers (retailers, builders, & end-users) with any issue or perceived issue such as; Installation, Operation, Quality, Service, and Parts. Will work closely with retailers and service providers when a service repair or exchange is needed.

Job Title: Import Logistics Coordinator - Bolingbrook, IL


This role is responsible for the tactical execution of daily import operations to ensure on-time and quality delivery to all US trade partners. Orchestrates and actively manages procurement processes for goods including purchase order planning, shipment, and import/export operations in an overseas environment.

Job Title: Area Sales Manager - Boston/MA/CT


The Area Sales Manager is responsible for maintaining and growing the BEKO brand in the assigned territory of Boston/MA/CT. The Area Sales Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing strategy, sales plan, and forecasts for overall business development, sales, and account management.