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Career Opportunities

Area Sales Manager - Charlotte, NC



LOCATION: Charlotte, NC


REPORTS TO: VP of Sales OR Director of Sales


The Area Sales Manager is responsible for maintaining and growing the BEKO brand in the assigned territory of Charlotte, NC. Area Sales Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing strategy, sales plan, and forecasts for overall business development, sales, and account management.


  • Establishes and maintains account relationships while achieving sales targets within the full line of products or combination of products for the assigned territory
  • Establishes and builds strong client relationships, regularly calling on, selling to, and training company dealers
  • Attends conventions, conferences, and trade shows as needed; prepares post-event reports and analysis
  • Develops customer relations including but not limited to sales leads, research, cold calls, qualifying leads, developing leads, and customer service.
  • Understands prospective client’s culture, product portfolio, competitive position, financial state, investment plan, organization structure and key decision makers.
  • Develops and implements a sales action plan with objectives and strategies to increase revenue and aggressively acquire new accounts.
  • Builds relationships with designers/specifiers/architects
  • Delivers marketing and communication support to the key accounts
  • Collaborates with sales team to develop sales strategies for the business.
  • Helping to achieve company strategic objectives, including, but not limited to, achieving budgeted sales and performing administrative duties
  • Other duties, as assigned by management


  • 2-3 years’ previous sales experience is preferred
  • Occasional overnight travel
  • Must feel comfortable speaking in moderate to large groups
  • Undergraduate degree preferred
  • Background in design is highly desirable
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project).