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Beko EverFresh+® refrigerators keep produce fresh for up to 30 days. Or your money back.

The Beko Fresh Produce Promise.
May 27th-September 7th, 2021

From May 27th thru September 7 we are running the Beko Fresh Produce Promise on all Beko refrigerators that are equipped with EverFresh+® and Active Fresh Blue Light technology.

This technology is so groundbreaking that it almost seems too good to be true. To show you just how much we believe in it, we are taking 100% of the risk away by buying back your refrigerator if EverFresh+® does not perform the way we say it will.

That is the Beko Fresh Produce Promise.

The EverFresh+® system preserves fresh produce for up to 30 days*

EverFresh+® with Active Blue Light technology will keep produce fresh for up to 30 days, which greatly reduces food costs, food waste, and extra trips to the grocery store. Not only is this a health benefit for you, but it's of tremendous benefit to the planet as well.

Want to know more about Beko?

Not only do we offer products that help people to lead healthier lives, but the way we actually manufacture them leads to a healthier planet. See what we mean by playing the video.

Beko EverFresh+® refrigerators included in the promotion

Our EverFresh+® and Active Fresh Blue Light technology is available on all 10 models, from French door to side-by-side, top freezer to bottom freezer and from the top of the line to the most affordable.

When storing fresh produce in the EverFresh+® crisper drawers, removing the produce from any packaging will produce the best results.

Hard and heavier produce should be stored on the bottom of the drawer with lighter, leafier vegetables on the top.

Do not store fruits such as peaches, pears and apricots that generate large amounts of ethylene in the same drawer with other produce, as this will cause the other produce to prematurely ripen.

It's also important to recognize that different types of produce have different shelf lives. Just like in nature, a raspberry has a much shorter shelf life than a coconut. In general, this is what you can expect from your EverFresh+ refrigerator:


PROMOTION PERIOD: The Beko Fresh Produce Promise Campaign ("Campaign") applies to Eligible Products purchased between May 27, 2021-September 7, 2021 ("Campaign Period").

1) After purchasing one of the 10 models listed above ("Eligible Products") that have Beko's EverFresh+ with Active Fresh Blue Light technology during the Promotion Period, you are required to leave the Eligible Product in the home for a minimum of 30 days. If after 30 days you are not satisfied with Beko's EverFresh+ technology, please contact the Beko dealer where you purchased your refrigerator to process the return. You must contact the dealer within 1 week after the 30-day trial period is completed in order to complete the return.

2) Your Beko dealer will arrange with you to have the refrigerator picked up and removed from the home.

3) Your Beko dealer will issue you a full refund/ store credit for your purchase,

4) In order to participate in the Campaign, you must register your purchase at

5) For service-related issues:
If you encounter any product issues, including issues involving the EverFresh+/Active Fresh Blue Light Technology, please contact the dealer where the model was purchased to schedule a service call with an authorized Beko service agent. Service must be performed by an authorized Beko service agent otherwise our warranty is void.