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2m read

How To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

mother teaching kids to bake

Creating great memories with their children is one of the many goals of parents. Today, as people are limited in their homes, working moms and dads are given the chance to spend more time with their family. 


And what better way to do so than to cook together? Apart from the usual chores and movie nights, parents can make use of their kitchen to bond with their kids and to teach them a thing or two. If you want your moments to be fun and accident-free (especially for your kids below their teens), here are some things you can do to ensure it:


Have a designated helper spot



Provide your small kids with a special spot (at the kitchen island preferably) to make them feel involved and proud of what they are doing. As your sink and counters may be too high for them, opt for a stool or a chair to help them reach it.


Provide kid-friendly kitchen tools


If it’s sharp and pointy, keep it away. There are several safe kitchen tools you can hand out to your kids like an apron or a rolling pin. Always let them handle easy and safer stuff. 


Secure kitchen appliances



Even when it seems harmless, think of all possibilities to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening to your child. For instance, the fridge and freezer you buy may still pose dangers for your little one. The best thing to do is to find ways to child-proof it (like a latch) and restrict your kid’s access, especially appliances involving gas, heat, and fire. 


There are many learning opportunities your kids can get from the kitchen. Cooking and preparing healthy meals, for example, is a life skill kids need to learn as they grow up. Apart from that, it helps them boost their confidence and gives them a chance to apply their knowledge to what they are doing (like counting and measuring). So, don’t stop here. Make your kitchen a space your kids can feel safe and loved in.