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1m read


Simple Tips To Spend Less This Holiday Season

With decorations in place, Christmas songs heard all around, and sales for various items, it definitely feels like the holidays. And in the Philippines, these usually last from the beginning of September and into the New Year, owing to our advanced planning and celebrations. Even with the ongoing pandemic, there’s nothing that can dampen the Filipinos’ Christmas spirit.


Part of the typical holiday routine is going shopping for a variety of reasons. You may be shopping for food supplies for the Noche Buena, gifts for your loved ones, or additional decorations for your home. Such shopping sessions can be pretty expensive with the number of things you’ll be buying. Here are some things you can do to help control your spending.


Plan your shopping list ahead of time


Before you head to the mall or go online to shop for the holiday essentials, make a checklist of what you need. Whether it’s your food for the Noche Buena, Christmas lights to decorate your tree, or some last-minute presents for everyone, having a list would significantly reduce any extra on a whim expenses you might have.


Set a budget


When you’re done with the list, determine the budget you’re willing to spend. Having a set amount can help you allocate a budget accordingly. You can leave a certain portion of the money for additional expenses, but make sure it’s not too much that you feel tempted to drain your cash down to the last cent.


Evaluate whether you really need certain items


With what’s available in stores, it’s easy to get tempted into buying too many at once. When this happens, we recommend taking a step back and evaluating if this is worth buying. Often, you might buy stuff impulsively only not to find any use for it later. Buy something that’s worthwhile and provides the best value for your money.


Look for good deals and discounts


Want to splurge? Do it wisely. Find good deals and discounts that can help lessen what you pay. For instance, with the Beko Sends Love campaign, you can enjoy a 50% discount voucher when you buy any appliances amounting to P10,000 or more. From there, you can find the best prices on refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and more due to the half-price discount on your next purchase. And the best thing about it? You also get an e-raffle ticket for a chance to win one of Beko’s amazing prizes!


Be mindful of the appliances you use


We know you’ll be cooking up a storm and using a lot of lights to make your house stand out during the holidays. While your electricity will inevitably rise, you can help lessen the surge by using energy-saving appliances. Beko offers such items including refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines, to lighten the load on your electricity bill while maintaining good performance.


The holidays may not be a cheap season to take part in, but by following the tips above, you can spend less and only shell out for the essentials. We hope your Christmas celebrations can still be fun and memorable even on a budget. Happy holidays!