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Vegetable Stuffed Phyllo Dough Recipe
Vegetable Stuffed Phyllo Dough Recipe

1m read

Vegetable Stuffed Phyllo Dough Recipe

The most delicious way to eat vegetables for breakfast!


If you want to serve a light but impressive breakfast when you get together with your friends, this recipe is for you. It will amaze everyone who tries it with its refreshing yogurt sauce and crispness of Phyllo dough.





Total Time

30 MIN.



● Phyllo dough

● 50 g Mushrooms

● 50 g Aubergine

● 40 g Capia pepper

● 30 g Grated cheddar 

● 15 g Chard

● 15 g Spinach

● 15 g Fresh onion

● Olive oil 

● Salt, black pepper

● Yoghurt

Step by step


1.     Wash and peal the vegetables and peel off the skin. 

2. Cut the vegetables into small cubes and cook them in a medium skillet over medium

heat until they turn al dente. It usually takes 5 to 7 minutes. Don’t forget to throw in the

spices too.

3.     Lay dough on the wide counter. Apply oil on it with the help of a brush.

4.     Sprinkle the grated cheese, small chopped fresh onion, and the vegetables we cooked

in the middle.

5.     Close the dough in such a way that the opposite edges are on the vegetable.

6.     Make the dough square, put a little olive oil on it and bake in the oven at 180 degrees

for 10 minutes. 

7.     To cook both sides well, turn it upside down every five minutes. 

8.     Divide it into four evenly and serve with yoghurt. Enjoy!