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About Beko
About Beko

Introducing a Beko state of mind. A feeling you get knowing that your health, finances and emotional well-

being are well balanced and working for you.


You see at Beko, we promote that holistic confidence throughout our business and across our products.


From innovative technology ensuring your vegetables stay fresher and nutritious for longer, with our unique



What’s more, our rough and rigorous stress tests maximise reliability, meaning we take the strain – so you can

be confident your home doesn’t have to.


That’s a Beko state of mind.




Healthy Living


Our innovative and smart solutions help make a healthier life possible for you and your family.

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Empowering you to make environmentally conscious decisions that suit you through energy saving technology.

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Our high-quality, robust products are built to last. Dealing with whatever life throws at them whilst brightening your home.

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As a global leader in healthy living across more than 140 countries, you can have confidence in our commitment to sustainable, high-quality products, wherever you are.

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Satisfied customers

We’ve built on our 60+ years of experience and innovation, which led to us becoming...


Large home appliance brands in Europe


Committed employees


Countries served

How Beko came to be


We’ve been a fixture in people’s lives and homes since 1955. Over six decades later and we’re still promoting the

innovation that meets you and your family’s needs, without neglecting the planet’s.


It’s an approach that’s taken us all over the place. We now operate in 135 countries with no sign of stopping. Not to

put too fine a point on it, we’re the fastest-growing brand in the European large white goods market.


What’s more, we’re one of the top three large home appliance brands in Europe*. It’s no wonder then that we’ve

made over 400 million customers happy, and look forward to putting millions more in a Beko state of mind.


*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Large Appliances as per “Major Appliances” in Consumer Appliances 2024ed, retail volume, 2023 data.