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Since our beginning in 1955, our desire to innovate for the good of our customers and our environment has brought us a long way.

We became the fastest-growing home appliance brand in Europe. 


Today, we believe in giving you and the next generation the means to live a happier life. Empowering you with

absolute confidence that you are making the right choices to live healthier. So, you can have a new

positive outlook to life. 


Beko state of mind


Arriving on Malaysian shores, Beko aims to provide consumers more options for home appliances with a European flair.

From refrigeration to washing clothes, a Beko state of mind is a feeling you get from being top of whatever

life throws at your household needs.

Beko Technologies & Innovations
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Beko refrigerators comes with advance technologies that helps keep food fresh for up to 3x longer.
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Impeccable washing features that make life easier
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Innovation that ensures hygiene, saves water and time!
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Built-In Ovens
Perfectly cooked meals everytime so you can focus on those that matters most
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