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Welcome to the world of Beko


Since our beginning in 1955, our desire to innovate for the good of our customers and our environment has brought us a long way.

We became the fastest-growing home appliance brand in Europe. 

Today, Beko appliance is found in more than 440 million homes in over 130 countries.


Arriving on Malaysian shores, Beko aims to provide consumers more home appliance options with a European flair.

By putting premium technology into full range home appliances, Beko strives to live up to our

brand purpose; to empower new generations to live a healthier life.


Doing our part in corporate social responsiblity, Beko have also been advoctaing to raise awareness towards childhood obesity

via our partnership with FC Barcelona and our campaign Eat Like A Pro


In a nutshell, at Beko, we believe everyone can live a healtier life. Everyone can Live Like A Pro. 

Products - Features and Innovation


Built-in Ovens



Now you can Live Like A Pro with Beko technologies that make healhy cooking easy
Fridge/Freezer Combinations
Keeps fruit & vegetables fresh for up to 30 days with our special, humidity-controlled compartment




Innovation that ensures hygiene, saves water and time!

Freestanding Washing Machines
Impeccable washing features that make life easier



Wash laundry effectively with optimum detergent dosing
Built-In Hobs
Appetising cooking features that make healthy living easy