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Season of Hope, Reunion and Joy




The long awaited moment have finally come, where SOPs for movement controls are relaxed and interstate travels are allowed. It's been a long and trying 2 years since the outbreak of the pandemic and it is now finally coming to an end-emic, just in time to celebrate new Hopes and Reunions this Christmas and Chinese New Year.


As we finally come together again from far and near as a family, Beko appliances continue to live our standards to enable you to Live Like A Pro. So this festive you can once again whip up that heirloom recipe using the freshest of ingredients and most intuitive of kitchen utensils for the entire family. It's also time to load up the washing machine with whole family's new year attires. And to top it up, to still have time for things and people that truly matter.


Beko, Live Like A Pro. 


Campaign Promotion: 15 November 2021 - 31 January 2022

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