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Can I purchase a replacement pot for my Turkish Coffee maker?
Yes. Replacement pots for our Turkish Coffee Makers are available on our Amazon store.
What kind of coffee should I use with my Turkish coffee maker?

Your Turkish Coffee Maker is designed only to brew Turkish Coffee. Turkish Coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans and is finely ground to a powder-like state. You can purchase packaged ground Turkish Coffee or you can grind your own coffee. Be aware that, while the grinders in some grocery stores have “Turkish Coffee” as a setting, electrical grinders in general fail to achieve the powder-like state of the Turkish Coffee. If you wish to grind your own coffee, we recommend using a hand-mill with the appropriate setting for this grind size.


If your coffee is not finely ground into a powder-like state, it will not brew thoroughly, and the coffee grounds will not settle in your cup.

What should I do before using my Turkish coffee maker for the first time?
Handwash the coffee pot with a mild dish detergent and wipe the rest of the product with a damp cloth before first use. Please be aware that the coffee pot of the Beko Turkish coffee maker is not dishwasher safe.
Where can I find my Beko Turkish coffee maker's serial number?
Every Beko Turkish coffee maker has a unique serial number. It is located on the bottom of the appliance.

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