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Beko Ariel Promotion | Terms & Conditions


The Beko Front loader promotion is open from the 1st March 2022 and ends at 23.59 on the 02 May 2022.

A. Purchase any BEKO Front Loader Washing Machine from any participating store in a single transaction, and that is related to the machine manufacturer campaign at the time of promotion.

B. When purchased from the participating stores, the bundle will be redeemed in-store on purchase of a Beko Front Loader Washing machine. 

C. When purchased from the Hirsch Online Store – the bundle will be delivered with Beko front loader washing machine.


*    The bundle consists of Ariel pods in the following configuration, six (6) individual packs consisting of twenty one (21) pods, totalling to a hundred and twenty six (126) pods per qualifying customer.  


*    The value of each pack is calculated at the recommended retail price of eighty rand (R80), totalling to six hundred rand (R600) per qualifying customer.

Terms and Conditions

The promoter is Defy Appliances (Pty) Ltd, thereafter referred as Beko (“the Promoter”).  


The promotion is open to all South African residents in possession of a valid identity document.


By participating in this promotion participants agree to receive future marketing material from the brand/s on promotion. However, the participant has the right to unsubscribe to receiving marketing material.


All personal information (‘Personal Data’) supplied by participants shall be processed in accordance with South African data protection legislation and the Promoter’s Privacy Policy.


The Beko Front loader promotion is open from the 1st March 2022 and ends at 23.59 on the 02 May 2022.


This promotion is exclusive to Hirsch’s Milnerton; Hirsch’s Waterfall; Hirsch’s Springfield; Kloppers PE & George and Metro CBD in South Africa.