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10 Time Saving Laundry Tips
10 Time Saving Laundry Tips

3m read

10 Time Saving Laundry Tips

10 Time Saving Laundry Tips
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It’s safe to say household chores are pretty much disliked by everyone, and there’s no doubt clothes washing is one of the worst of them all. If you do happen to be one of the anomalies who actually enjoys washing and drying your immaculate outfits, well you’re lucky because let’s face it, unless you want to live in squalor, clothes are never going to not need washing. Therefore, we might as well try to minimize our misery by cutting down the time it takes to get our laundry done right? That’s why at Beko, we’ve come up with a list of 10 time saving laundry hacks for you.


1. Laundry Sorting the Easy Way


Laundry baskets. If you’ve got the space, why not have one laundry basket for whites and one for darks. Not only do you avoid the whole red-shirt-in-the-whites-wash debacle (hello pink wardrobe), but you save yourself from having to separate your clothes into different piles when you actually come to washing them. Easy.



2. Pre-treat Before it’s Too Late


Yes, it may add a minute or two but by attacking stains as soon as they happen, you can save time in the long run. Treat those stains before you wash your clothes and you’ll save time later. You can also try Beko’sStainExpert™ technology, a program to cope with an impressive 24 different stain types. It gives you the best conditions for getting rid of the stain and offers a superior cleaning performance compared to normal cotton washes. Perfect for those muddy shorts after a great game of football!



3. Clean Machine

Talking of saving time in the long run, ever thought of cleaning your washing machine? It’s no good just chucking a load of dirty washing into an even dirtier machine! Our video on Washing Machine Maintenance (watch here) shows you how to clean your washing machine so you will have it back to its full cleaning potential! The special DrumClean program means the drum and tub get a thorough automatic clean. Ah, the dream. One less thing to worry about.


4. Mesh to Rescue

Not even the tidiest and most organised amongst us can claim they’ve never lost a sock doing the washing. It’s just a fact of life, a rite of passage. However, try sticking your socks in a mesh laundry bag, and whacking this straight in the washer...bye bye odd socks.



5. Time Delay all Day!

Wash what you want, when you want! Beko’s washing machines offer a time-delay function, so you can load your washing before you go to bed, and set it to finish just as you wake up! Clever eh? It’ll be like it never even happened.



6. Size Matters

That laundry basket spilling over a wee bit? Go on, chuck it all in, all 10kg of it. With Beko’s 10kg Front Loading washing machine, you can show that laundry basket who’s boss, and get it all done in one go.



7. Big Saver


Beko’s Autodose Technology automatically detects the weight of your wash load, and determines the appropriate amount of detergent to be dispensed. Just fill up the detergent and softener tanks once, and let it do its thing! Save time, save money, save energy, save misery.



8. Quick as a Flash

Want to avoid that horrible feeling you get when you’re planning to wear your favourite outfit for an event, only to realise hours before that it’s in the wash? Houston…we don’t have a problem! With Beko’s Quickwash function you can wash up to 12kg of washing in just 28 minutes. That’s a lot of outfit choices right there.



9. Fast Folding


Do yourself a favour, don’t chuck your beautifully clean washing into a laundry basket, only to take it upstairs to get out the clothes again and fold them as you put them away. Fold on the go into the basket. Simple. Two birds one stone and all that jazz.



10. Hang in There

Similarly, by hanging your clothes straight onto hangers as they come out the washer/ dryer, you can help to minimise wrinkles and creases. Goodbye hours of ironing, hello more free time.


With these time-saving hacks, you can now spend less of your life doing something you don’t like, and more of it doing something you do. Happy?




Find out more about Beko washing machine innovations here