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Washing Machines

Enjoy perfect washing results every time with our feature-packed
freestanding washing machine range.



Life shouldn't be spent in the laundry, which is why Beko's range of freestanding washing machines are built to make washing days a breeze. Wash smarter with a

washing machine that does all the heavy lifting for you - packed with features that make life that much easier. Choose the perfect laundry companion that makes 

washing simple - explore our range to find the right fit for your needs and level-up your laundry today!


Packed with impeccable features, worrying about your laundry is a thing of the past with a washing machine from Beko. Equipped with a range of washing

innovations, our washing machines are perfect for busy bodies that need to get the job done. Designed for every lifestyle - from hectic households and calendar-

filled families to pet owners and everyone in between - find the perfect match for your needs with Beko. With higher efficiency, higher durability, and low noise -

faster and more effective cleaning has never been easier.




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Looking for more? Having the right laundry appliances under your belt will make washing days easier. Explore our range of washer dryers, clothes dryers, and

steam irons to complete your laundry line-up.



Latest Tech


Wash laundry effectively with optimum detergent dosing - discover our AutoDose technology

Beko Warranty Registration


Everyone deserves peace of mind when buying a new product. That’s why Beko has your back with a manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.