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Sustainability at Beko.

A healthier planet for a

healthier future.


Our parent company is



*based on Corporate Knights 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list

Nature in everything we do

We are more connected than ever before. We understand that healthy

living is only possible on a healthy planet.


1. Manufacturing





nature's power




Our journey starts with our sustainable raw material selection which is followed by bold actions in production. Rainwater harvesting, green electricity, recycled and bio-based material usage are just some of the ways in which we connect nature to Beko.

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Our mission to manufacture environmentally friendly

products is at the heart of what we do. Efficient manufacturing

processes using modern technologies allow us to create

products that consider the past and shape the future

of manufacturing.



197,373 m3

of water saved in 2021



2.17 million m3

of water saved via water efficiency and

rainwater harvesting projects between 2010 and 2021



228 energy efficient

projects in global production

operations applied only in 2021





We are commited to deepening the sustainable scope of our

plant activities to minimise our lasting impact on the planet.

We have set ambitious targets to achieve resource efficiency

in production, by 2030, in order to meet our 

sustainability goals.




reduction in production energy consumption and water withdrawal, per product



green electricity in manufacturing processes



water recycling and reuse ratio



waste recovery rate


Minimum USD 50 million

investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency



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Trapping plastic waste


Protecting marine life by turning redundant

fishing nets into RecycledNet ovens

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The deaths of over 300,000 sea creatures are attributable to discarded fishing nets. This devastating figure is one of the reasons why in 2021, we used 97.5 tonnes of fishing net and industrial thread waste to help create the door decor plastic and inner and outer display covers for our RecycledNet ovens. Repurposing this kind of plastic helps to keep our seas healthier.


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Cleaning up plastic waste


Using recycled plastic bottles to make our RecycledTub washing machines and washer dryers

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We are helping to address plastic bottle pollution by repurposing them into our RecycledTub washing machine products. Our patented technology allows us to flake recycled plastic bottles so that they can be reused to create new appliances, which cuts down generation of new plastics. We gave 50.5 million recycled plastic bottles new life in our RecycledTub washing machines and washer dryers, in 2021.


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Tackling single use plastic waste


Repurposing waste plastics to make our RecycledDry tumble dryers

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Plastic waste is a threat to our planet. We are helping to diminish this threat by using waste plastics to create our RecycledDry tumble dryers. By using existing plastics, we are preventing unnecessary manufacturing of new plastics, whilst reducing the amount of unusable plastic. we used 3,540 tonnes of waste plastics to make our RecycledDry tumble dryers in 2021.


2. Transport



Taking the greener road

to a healthier planet




Cutting emissions to help

the planet breathe easier




Our emission reductive transportation solutions include a shift towards rail and maritime movement, and our nature-friendly packaging helps keep our planet healthy.




Saved ~540,610 trees from being cut down by using 31,800 tonnes of recycled cardboard in 2021



We are continually revising and developing transportation and delivery strategies, in order to diminish our CO2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. Much of our product packaging uses recycled constituents for protection in transit.





5,823 tonnes

of CO2 e GHG emissions prevented with increasing railway and maritime logistics in 2021



89% seaway usage

of international shipping operations in 2021



We realise the impact that product delivery can have on  carbon emissions. We have taken great strides in reducing our emission output by improving the way in which our products are globally distributed. Our maritime and rail approach allows us to transport our products across the planet in a more nature-friendly way.


3. Product Use



At Beko we believe our products should 

embody our sustainability goals


Our customers can effortlessly bring sustainability into their daily lives and

make their contribution to our plight, simply by choosing Beko





reduction absolute use of sold

product emissions by 2030 -

Science Based Target Initiative




turnover from energy efficient



4. End of Life




Making our mark by

leaving nothing behind



Since 2014; 1.6 million WEEE units recycled



GWh of energy saved


tonnes of CO2

emissions prevented


millions tonnes

of water saved


Our recycling plants




We are invested in reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy.



Our parent company Arcelik's two WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Recycling Plants* established in 2014, collect old products from the market regardless of their brand, and replace them with new, energy and water efficient ones through our widespread network of authorised dealers and service shops. Our association with these Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Plants enables us to recycle the old products and give them a second life. Less waste. Less emissions. More progress.




*Figures, actions and targets by parent company Arcelik.

**Revised to decrease 50.4% greenhouse gas emissions in line with 1.5 celcius degree scenario - at the approval stage.


Licensee limited to certain jurisdictions