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Beko Customer Reviews

At Beko, nothing makes us happier than to see people
happy in their homes with our products. 


We always love to hear about how our customers are finding their Beko products

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We've achieved more than 17,000

5 star reviews from Australian and

New Zealand Beko home appliance owners

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   Authentic customer reviews

   via Bazaarvoice

We are partnered with review collection platform Bazaarvoice to collect and share authentic and impartial product reviews and opinions on our products.



We've collected thousands of independent reviews each year and we're proud to hold a 4.6 star average rating from our customers.







Bazaarvoice independently collects Beko reviews.





Bazaarvoice moderates all reviews, but does not edit or remove reviews. If users submit visible personal information, in appropriate content or review the wrong product they are given the chance to resubmit.





Bazaarvoice only collects Beko reviews from verified purchasers who have real experiences with the product they are reviewing. They never pay for reviews.

At Beko, there are no opinions we trust more than those of our customers,
the people who use our products every day.
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I love the new features of the machine



Kim, Northern Rivers, NSW

'Quite simple machine, I love the new features of the machine ... Bluetooth is awesome. Highly recommend'






I recommend buying Beko Dryer



Gold Coast, Queensland

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'I rate the Beko dryer 5 stars ... we saved $40 on our 1st electricity account for 1 month'





Does a

brilliant clean



MIK381, Gold Coast, Queensland


'The best feature is the automatic liquid dispenser called AutoDose. You fill it and forget it.'

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Professional oven for the everyday person 



Dave, Brisbane, Queensland

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'The scones and cupcakes ... the roast, absolutely cooked the meat to perfection. Do yourself a favour and get one of these remarkable ovens.'
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Another successful Beko cake



Churchill, Victoria


'Great oven, excellent functions ...

Great buy and lots of baking ahead!'





Very happy that it's frost free



Lotta Love, Whiatanga, NZ

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'I have no trouble recommending this freezer model and brand to anyone'

At Beko, we understand the value of our users' feedback.
All reviews on our website aim to help our future customers make the right decision, so they are totally satisfied when they buy their first Beko appliance.
Whether it is your kitchen or laundry, we cater to every corner of your home, keeping efficiency and quality at the core of our products.
Discover our product range and start your journey with us today.


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