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Store More With Beko Fridges
Store More With Beko Fridges

2m read

Store More With Beko Fridges

Store More With Beko Fridges
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If you can’t have a walk-in closet, then at least invest in a good fridge. Okay you may be thinking that doesn’t make sense, but all we are saying is that when you stock up on things, we think it’s best to make it food. Because after all, isn’t food one of the best things in life?


Sometimes it’s the size of our fridges rather than the money in our pocket that actually dictates what we can buy at the supermarket. ‘We’d love to get that turkey but it won’t fit in the fridge!’ Well, rest assured, with Beko’s new range of fridges you won’t have to settle for anything less than exactly what you want. There are plenty of big families out there, so we decided to tweak things a little, to create a bit more room. We’re talking about foldable shelves, Easy Draw and Multizone. With these new innovations, you’ll no longer have to go into meltdown before a big family party because you can’t fit everything in the fridge.


Say goodbye to playing Tetris with the sausages, chicken, turkey and mince. Say hello to easily removable, foldable and slideable shelves to make room for all your groceries! You can adjust them to fit to whatever shape you need! One shelf even splits into two, giving you an extra half-shelf which can be placed anywhere - go wild!


How about your veggies? The Beko EasyDraw makes it easier than ever to get to your fridge’s crisper compartment. With engineering rejected by NASA for being ‘too simple it couldn’t possibly work’, the two wheeled rails and cleverly positioned door racks enable you to pull out and push in the whole interior with a lot less hassle. No longer will you have to fight your way through the leafy greens to get to the veggies at the bottom of the draw. No longer will your poor capsicums go off because you simply couldn’t find them amidst the chaos. It’s never been easier to get your five-a-day.


If you’re done unpacking the shopping, the fridge is nice and full, but suddenly you notice that one last bag of groceries on the counter, don’t panic. Even if the EasyDraw is full and the foldable shelves have been re-mastered into the ultimate jigsaw, have no fear, Beko have thought of everything. The MultiZone compartment allows you to customise the temperature according to your needs. You can chill, soft freeze or freeze food as you need it. The temperature change is super flexible, from -24°C to +10°C! So, if it’s two kilograms of chicken in that last shopping bag, just put it in the MultiZone compartment and freeze it for another day. Or if it’s some tomatoes and lettuce that somehow can’t fit into EasyDraw, then alter the temperature accordingly and keep them nice and fresh. Beko MultiZone technology lets you literally swap from fridge to freezer to suit the food you’ve bought.


And these aren’t even the full extent of our space-saving innovations! To take a look at the full range of Beko Cooling Solutions, click here