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3 min read

11 things you didn’t know you could wash in the dishwasher

11 things you didn’t know you could wash in the dishwasher
11 things you didn’t know you could wash in the dishwasher




We all know that your dishwasher is a kitchen superhero when it comes to keeping your crockery and cookware clean and you away from the sink! But there are a whole host of other things you can put in your dishwasher that you might never have thought of. Let this article inspire you to use your dishwasher like never before…





Cleaning tools


It’s easy to forget that the things you use to clean need to be cleaned themselves! Dust pans, plastic brushes, vacuum attachments—they can all go in the dishwasher. Remove all excess dust and hair before putting them in, and make sure they’re positioned securely. You can put any smaller items in a mesh bag and put that on the top rack. Don’t run a drying cycle as the heat can warp plastic.





Kitchen sponges and dishcloths


Sponges and dishcloths get grimy pretty quickly. A cycle in the dishwasher will have them good as new. Just put them in the cutlery basket and run the hottest programme.





Hairbrushes, combs and headbands


You can get hairbrushes and combs looking spick and span with a cycle in the dishwasher. Make sure you remove all the excess hair first and keep brushes with natural bristles or wooden handles out of your appliance.





Fan grills


Fan grilles can get very grimy and can be tricky to wash by hand. Luckily, the dishwasher is perfect for getting these perfectly clean. Vent covers can go in there too. Just remember that enamelled or painted grilles are handwash only.





Hob pan supports, burner caps and control knobs


Your hob is on the front line of cooking, and grease and burnt on food can accumulate after just a few uses. You can pop the removable metal parts of your hob in you dishwasher to get them looking clean and hygienic again.





Plastic toys

You’ll certainly want your children’s toys to be clean and hygienic, but you might not have thought that your dishwasher can help in this department. Put whatever you want cleaned in a mesh laundry bag and put that on the top rack.





Microwave turntable


The glass platform which turns your food your microwave will capture any liquid or sauces that boil over during cooking, so it’ll need a good clean once in a while. Just put it in the bottom rack like a normal plate, and it’ll be good as new.





Plastic and rubber shoes, boots and flipflops


If you can wear them in the rain, then you can wash them in the dishwasher! Make sure you remove any insoles or liners and skip any drying cycles. If you’re a little hesitant about washing your dirty shoes in the same place you wash you plates, you can run an empty cycle between loads.





Glass light fixtures


Glass light fixtures can get dusty and greasy, especially in the kitchen. You can remove these and wash them in the dishwasher, skipping any drying cycle. Of course, if you’ve got an expensive or delicate fixture, handwashing would be best.





Baseball caps


Baseball caps can lose their shape in the washing machine, but a cycle in the dishwasher can freshen them up nicely. Secure them in place with a rubber band on the top rack and run a programme without detergent.





Hood grease filters


You’ve heard that right. That greasy, yucky grease filter can go in the dishwasher for a high-temperature, effective cleaning. Just make sure to let the filter dry completely before you re-install it. 



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