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Quiet but Powerful Built-In Range Hoods
Quiet but Powerful Built-In Range Hoods

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Quiet but Powerful Built-In Range Hoods
Quiet but Powerful Built-In Range Hoods

Quiet but Powerful Built-In Range Hoods


If you're looking for a powerful, reliable, stylish built-in range hood, then Beko is a perfect choice. With a selection of models to choose from, a Beko built-in hood is sure to be perfect for your kitchen.


Beko kitchen exhaust hoods are powerful and efficient, making them perfect for busy kitchens. They come with various features that make cooking easier and more enjoyable.


ProSmart hood


The ProSmart feature of Beko hoods frees your kitchen from smells and smoke with less noise, so you can focus on your cooking and conversations. Moreover, Beko kitchen exhaust hoods are energy efficient, so you save more on your electricity bills. Enjoy less noise and more savings.


LED illumination


Beko built-in range hoods are equipped with LED lights to brighten up your cooktop, allowing you to get a clear and easy view of what’s going on with your cooking. This is especially relevant if your hood is positioned between the hob and the kitchen light. With a LED-illuminated hood, cooking becomes breezy and convenient, and you’re sure to get perfect cooking results.


Dishwasher-safe filters


When it comes to keeping your kitchen clean, Beko hoods are up to the task. Their dishwasher-safe filters make short work of grease and grime, so you can spend more time enjoying your cooking and less time scrubbing.


Filter saturation lights


How do you know when to clean the grease filters? Beko hoods have a filter saturation light that turns on when it's time to clean them. It prevents users from missing this maintenance step, so your hood will continuously operate at its best. After all, the filters are dishwasher-safe so cleaning them is never a heavy chore.


Air cleaning mode


Beko hoods don’t only make cooking easier but also keep your kitchen fresh even when done cooking. They have an air cleaning mode that automatically refreshes the air in your kitchen every hour for ten minutes. This means you will always be walking into a fresh kitchen that’s ready for anything. 

These features are just some of the reasons to choose a Beko built-in range hood for your kitchen. Get yours today.