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2m read

How To Wash Clothes The Right Way


Doing laundry the right way isn’t rocket science. It’s not as complicated as it seems. While it can be a heavy chore, there are ways you can lighten your laundry load, after buying an efficient washing machine



Sort properly





More than sorting laundry according to light and dark colors, you should also consider if clothes are dirty. Determine whether they are soiled, delicate, stained, and so on so you can set aside. Different fabrics come with different care instructions. It pays to read up on its tag to ensure you’re not washing it wrong.



Keep zippers tight





It’s not advisable to toss in clothes randomly in your washing machine. While it may seem to be the easiest way, it’s actually far from it. Zippers shouldn’t be left unzipped, especially in the wash, due to the possibility of it catching onto a delicate fabric. It can even damage your washer.



Don’t scrub stains





Much to everyone’s belief, stains aren’t taken out through vigorous scrubbing. It’s understandable to think so, however, this process has been used over and over. Truth is, doing so can spread it more. With this in mind, it’s advised to do gentle taps and dabs to help work and loosen stains. Beko washing machine can also help with its efficient washing programs and features. An example is the StainExpert program which helps easily remove stubborn stains through higher washing temperature, increased tumbling action with special soaking phases, and longer rinse cycles.



Check for dry clean





Always proceed with caution when washing your clothes. It’s always a good practice to read on its laundry care labels. Manufacturers often include this to inform consumers on how to maintain the clothes in their best state. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spin pieces that are supposed to be dry cleaned. This can result in ruined fabrics.



Laundry may be a heavy chore, but there are many ways to make it easier. Keep in mind the tips above and you'll surely preserve your clothes while cleaning them the right way.