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Beko Sends Love This Christmas!

Beko Sends Love This Christmas!
Beko Sends Love This Christmas!

Christmas is the season of giving. This is the time for presents and gratitude towards your loved ones. That’s why here at Beko, we want to do the same and give back to our loyal customers.

Join our Beko Sends Love campaign for the holidays! Get a chance to win P1 million worth of prizes when you buy a washing machine, buy a refrigerator, or buy an oven online. You can even enjoy 50% off on selected items!


To know how to join, read below:


Who can join


The promo is open to Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years of age or above at the time of joining. By participating in the raffle, entry senders shall authorize Beko to access their information and publish their names for raffle-related purposes.




Step 1. Buy any Beko appliance to earn a raffle entry. We’ll be accepting single-receipt purchases dated November 1 to December 15, 2021, that amount to the following:

  • P10,000 to P26,000 - equivalent to one (1) raffle entry

  • P26,001 to P40,000 - equivalent to two (2) raffle entries

  • P40,001 to above - equivalent to three (3) raffle entries

You may buy from the following stores:

  • All Home

  • Ansons

  • Asian Home

  • Fair & Square

  • Gold Tech

  • Great World

  • Household Appliances Trading

  • Lazada

  • Robinsons Savers

  • Shopee

  • SM Appliance

  • Savers Appliances

  • Western Appliance

Step 2. To register your entry, you may choose the following:

Step 3. Upload the copy of the single receipt containing the items amounting to P10,000 or more dated November 1 to December 15, 2021.


Step 4. Winners will be drawn on December 17, 2021 at 11 am via Zoom. They will be drawn using an online randomizer, and a DTI representative will oversee the process.




Get a chance to win the following grand prizes:



50% discount voucher mechanics


Aside from the promo, you can also enjoy 50% off on your next purchase by clicking the box after filling out the registration form. Here’s how it works.


Step 1. Any single-receipt containing Beko purchases amounting to P10,000 or more dated November 1, 2021 to January 15, 2022 is eligible for a voucher. Make sure to provide both the receipt and the product serial number.




P10,000 to P26,000


P26,001 to P40,000


P40,001 and above

Step 2. Get the discount voucher after registering purchase info at


Step 3. You may redeem your 50% voucher for online purchases only at The deadline of redemption is until March 31, 2022.


For the list of items eligible for the voucher, check out our list below:




So what are you waiting for? Buy any Beko appliance for a chance to win amazing prizes and enjoy 50% discounts on your next purchase! Promo coverage on transactions is from November 1, 2021 until January 15, 2022.