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1m read

A Dash of Sanity—Beko Style!


When former IT executive turned successful caterer Sandra McCollum created her acclaimed food and travel blog back in 2012, her goal was to share ideas, recipes, tips, and laughs that brought “a dash of sanity to the dinner table, life, and motherhood.” Today, her website and social media presence under the “A Dash of Sanity” banner do just that for a vast audience of people who follow her and her mantra: Eat. Drink. And Be Sane.

In a recent Facebook post, Sandra shared a video extolling the smart features and sanity-boosting abilities of her new Beko kitchen appliances. Calling her kitchen not only the heart but also the hub of her busy home, the mother of five definitely sees her new Beko appliance suite as a beautiful way to “take a break from the everyday madness!”

Check out her video for inspiration on bringing Beko’s smart style to your home.