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Compact Experience

Space-saving design with roomy capacity

Laundry Appliances from Beko

Despite the space-saving design, our washers have plenty of room for large loads along with ingenious programs that clean gentler. Beko’s tumble dryers with heat pump technology reuse internal hot air instead of pumping it outside resulting in better protection for your clothes and reduced energy consumption.

Small But Mighty

Extra-large capacity


The combination of a Beko Compact Washer and Dryer can turn any two-foot nook into a laundry room. Even with their space-saving compact size, this stackable dynamic duo boasts a surprisingly roomy 2.5 cu. ft. washing capacity, 4.1 cu. ft. drying capacity - each unit can launder 14 large towels in one load - along with superior cleaning and drying performance.


Better Hygiene, Guaranteed

Here are some tips for getting laundry clean and hygienic results


- Our Allergen and Hygiene+ program on some Beko washers and dryers provide even more hygienic cleaning, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.


- Use the Cotton program which will wash your laundry at temperatures of 140-194° F.


- Add the Extra Rinse function to any program to further reduce bacteria.

Faster Spin Cycles

Less drying time and less energy used


Clocking in at up to a dizzying 1,400 rpm, these washers are built to spin. Efficient spinning results in less drying time, which leads to added fabric longevity and less energy used.


Maximum Water Efficiency

Powerful performance, less water usage

All Beko washing machines are equipped with an automatic water adjustment system that regulates how just the right amount of water for each laundry load.

ProSmart Inverter Motor

Quite washing with high efficiency


No need to sacrifice your serenity for the performance of a Beko washer and dryer. Our technologically advanced ProSmart Inverter Motor provides both noise reduction and superior cleaning ability. Durable and energy-efficient, you’ll always some peace with your quiet.


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2 Year Warranty

Register your Appliance within 90 days of purchase to extend your standard 1-year warranty to 2 years, free of charge.