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Yes. Replacement pots for our Turkish Coffee Makers are available on our Amazon store.

Your Turkish Coffee Maker is designed only to brew Turkish Coffee. Turkish Coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans and is finely ground to a powder-like state. You can purchase packaged ground Turkish Coffee or you can grind your own coffee. Be aware that, while the grinders in some grocery stores have “Turkish Coffee” as a setting, electrical grinders in general fail to achieve the powder-like state of the Turkish Coffee. If you wish to grind your own coffee, we recommend using a hand-mill with the appropriate setting for this grind size.


If your coffee is not finely ground into a powder-like state, it will not brew thoroughly, and the coffee grounds will not settle in your cup.

Handwash the coffee pot with a mild dish detergent and wipe the rest of the product with a damp cloth before first use. Please be aware that the coffee pot of the Beko Turkish coffee maker is not dishwasher safe.
Every Beko Turkish coffee maker has a unique serial number. It is located on the bottom of the appliance.

Heating issues sometimes arise due to use or other daily factors. Try the following and if the issue persists, feel free to contact us:    


  • Make sure the heating area is clean. This can affect the heating performance of the product. You may clean this area with a non-abrasive cleaning product.
  • Make sure the inside and the bottom of the pot is also clean. The pot is not dishwasher safe, it needs to be hand-washed.
  • Make sure that sensors are clean. The sensors are found on the top wall of the cooking chamber. It's common for coffee residue to block the sensor and affect the heating process.
  • Lastly, heating appliances tend to draw more power from the outlet, please make sure there's no other power-draining appliance on the same power outlet with the Turkish coffee maker.

The pink light indicates a cooking error which prevents your coffee maker from brewing the coffee. Frequently seen errors are:

  • Overheating: If the coffee maker is used several times in a short period of time, it can overheat. Remove the pot and let the coffee maker cool down.
  • Sensor error: The CookSense sensor in the Beko Turkish coffee maker might not be getting a good read of the coffee. Clean the sensor glass and make sure there's enough coffee inside the pot. If the coffee is watered down too much, the sensor won't be able to read it.
  • Too much water: Please do not put more than 5 oz. (150 ml) water inside the pot; if the sensor senses excess water inside the pot, it will stop the brewing with a pink light notification.

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