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Effective from: 25th August 2023 – 31 December 2023


This 10-year parts warranty relates to Beko products. To confirm if your Beko appliance  qualifies for our 10-year parts warranty you can refer to point 18 below or call the customer  service number on 086 100 2356.


The Parts warranty terms and conditions are in addition to our Standard warranty terms and  conditions detailed in the previous section.


In order to activate the 10-year parts warranty you MUST register the appliance within 90  days of the original purchase date. You can register by visiting our website at


Our Beko branded appliances carry FREE replacement parts for the first 10 years, provided  they are fitted by our Service Representatives, at the applicable labour charge.


Beko appliances come with a 36 month parts and labour warranty as standard. 


To make a claim against your Beko Parts Warranty (the “Warranty”), all customer and product  details must be registered using the procedure outlined below:


1 ) This extra 7 years warranty is only effective after the expiration of the standard  manufacturer’s warranty.


2) It is only valid for certain models of Beko branded products serviced or repaired by Beko  Authorized Service Representative and Own Engineers (the “Service Representative”)  and does not cover any labour charge or any: 

         * Components including but not limited to cabinet or appearance parts, control  knobs, flaps and handles.

         * Accessories and/or consumable items including but not limited to ice trays,  scrapers, cutlery baskets, filters and light bulbs.


3 ) To activate your warranty, you MUST register your appliance within 90 days of the  original purchase date via the Beko website ( august-warranty)


4) Registrations made after 90 days of the original purchase date, will not qualify for the  10-year warranty promotion. 


5) Any repair must be carried out by a Service Representative and booked directly with  Beko via the Service Call centre (086 100 2356).


6) Labour for the repair is not included in this warranty and is chargeable at the time of  booking a repair.


7) The repair is guaranteed for 12 months for the same defect.


8) In the unlikely event that the appliance is beyond economical repair we may at the sole  discretion of Beko offer you an appliance at a reduced price. Our call out fee will still  apply.


9) If the fault can’t be identified and the appliance is functioning normally a call out fee will  apply.


10) The warranty is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


11) There are no alternative or additional offers to this warranty.


12) The warranty is exclusive of the manufacturer’s standard warranty.


13) All repair pricing will be communicated through Customer Services Team.


14) All prices are subject to change without notice.


15) The Terms and Conditions shown above are in addition to the standard terms and  conditions of your product warranty. 


16)We may use the information you provide for marketing purposes and to analyze your  purchasing preferences. We may keep your information for a reasonable period for  these purposes in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Laws and General  Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You can opt into this service during the registration  process.


17) These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of South Africa; Authorised  distributor: Defy Appliances (Pty) Ltd 135 Teakwood Road, Jacobs Durban 4052.


18)List of qualifying Beko models for the 10-year warranty applicable to models purchased  from 25th August 2023 until midnight 31 December 2023:  




  • Cooking :
    • BBDF26300X
    • BBNTF22300XD
    • BVM32400A
    • BIS25300GRD
    • BBIE12300X
    • BFC916GMX
    • FVM81430DA
    • FSE87310GX
    • HIAW75226SXE
    • MACM11B 
    • KOCW64225XDSI
    • HIC64503TX


  • Cooling :
    • GNE60532DX
    • RCNE720E20DZXP
    • RCNE366E30ZXB
    • RCNA366EDZX
    • RSNE445EDX
    • RJNE300EX
    • BFNA247E30SN
    • BSSA315E3FN
    • BCNA275E4FN


  • Laundry :
    • BAW101
    • BAW100
    • BAW202
    • B3T43113W
    • BWD100
    • B5T44133W
    • BTD101
    • BTD100


  • Dishwashers :
    • BDW201
    • BDW100
    • BDW101
    • DIN48Q21
    • DIN28428