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How to design a family kitchen that inspires quality time
How to design a family kitchen that inspires quality time

3m read

How to design a family kitchen that inspires quality time

How to design a family kitchen that inspires quality time

Family movies always paint this perfect picture of the dream kitchen where everyone comes together. It’s a place for quality time with family where they all connect and share stories of their day or give each other advice for what lies ahead. If only you could have that, right? Well, maybe you can. 


A modern kitchen isn’t just about cooking. You want a space that brings the family together and inspires quality time. The kitchen should be a central hub for family members to connect and create together. To help you get started on your mission, we have some great family kitchen design ideas to inspire you to create a space that everyone will enjoy.

Island dreams: the creative heart of any family kitchen

Kitchen islands used to be a luxury add-on. Over time, they have become an essential feature of family kitchens and much more affordable and accessible. Do your research to find creative kitchen island options that fit your needs. There are slender bars you can place adjacent to the main kitchen area, as well as more substantial ones to include appliances and break up a larger space. Plus, islands double up as counter space when things get a little crowded in the kitchen. 


Larger islands not only give you more prep space, they encourage the rest of the family to come together. One could be cooking, while the other is working on their latest arts and crafts project. Even if your kids are still playing on their iPad, at least you’re in the same room. 

Tall and wide: Create more kitchen cabinet and worktop space

More space gives you more room to create together as a family. If you have a compact kitchen or just want more room to play with, then installing deeper worktops and taller kitchen cabinets could make a world of difference. 


Standard kitchen designs tend to have quite slim countertops and cabinets that don’t go to the ceiling, leaving unused upwards wall space. This often leads to cluttered sideboards that just about house your toaster, bread bin, knife set and microwave but leave little room for anything else. Blenders, grill machines, other small appliances, and anything else you need ends up shoved above the cabinets forgotten and gathering dust. In an Ideal Home article, Chief Designer at Woodstock Furniture Andrew Hall said:


“For a compact kitchen, factor tall cabinetry into your design to make the most of your walls for storage. Deeper work surfaces will also generate a lot more space for prepping or displaying items, plus it offers greater storage potential – look at increasing the size by an extra 10cm, floor space permitting.”


Get comfy: encourage social interaction and snuggles

Having sofas and comfy chairs in the kitchen was a growing trend last year, and for a good reason. 


If you’re tired of the family dispersing into their own room, then this is a great way to tempt them back into the family kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have a small kitchen. There are various seating options to choose from. Anything from an L-shaped sofa to a giant bean bag or cushioned bar stools could do the trick. Throw in some ambient lighting and your kitchen will become a more sociable and comfortable place to hang out. 

Inspire creativity: natural elements to awaken the senses 

Plants, landscape art and natural tones can all help to transform what may have been just a functional kitchen into a family room. If you want to inspire more creativity in your family, then you could just include outdoor elements like plants, grapevines, fruit and butterflies or landscape art. Why not get the kids involved and try your hand at some leaf printing together? All you need is some brightly colored paints, some leaves, and a canvas.

The ideal space to connect and spend quality time with family

Life gets busy and the way you use your kitchen may have become a matter of convenience and getting by. Take a moment to imagine your families’ kitchen comings and goings in fast forward. Does it include enough connection and togetherness? If the answer is no, then you know what to do. 


Hit pause on time rushing by and grab this opportunity to create a kitchen that inspires quality time with family. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel project, you can go bigger with the idea and turn your kitchen layout to your advantage as well. Check out our suggestions about which layouts would better accommodate your family for more ideas.