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Material Matters- Tips to Create a Glamorous Kitchen
Material Matters- Tips to Create a Glamorous Kitchen

2m read

Material Matters: Tips to Create a Glamorous Kitchen
Material Matters Tips to Create a Glamorous Kitchen

Kitchens are increasingly becoming more luxurious, design-led spaces. Be the envy of your dinner guests by turning your keen eye for style to the hub of your home.  


Whether you’re taking on a total kitchen remodel, or simply looking to add in additional elegant touches by some clever interior design tricks, here are some ideas for opulent materials you can introduce to your kitchen.


Having marble kitchen countertops, kitchen island or flooring has long been thought of as the height of glamorous kitchen design. In fact, marble has been used in people's homes for thousands of years, dating as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans. While it used to be an expensive option reserved only for the extremely wealthy, prices have dropped in recent years. This makes marble a luxurious yet affordable option for your kitchen space.


If you don’t want to install marble countertops or flooring, then marble chopping blocks or kitchen utensils are an easy way to achieve this stylish look.


Break away from the common stainless steel, and introduce gold accents to your kitchen for some serious decadence. You could go further by replacing fixtures and fittings such as taps and kitchen cabinet handles with gold versions. Or dare to be different with gold kitchen utensils or cutlery. 


Another gorgeous way to introduce gold materials to your kitchen is in your light fittings. Whether you’re going for an ultra-glamorous statement chandelier over your dining table, or more modern spotlight-style lighting or pendant lights, gold can look great. While they are usually hidden away, you can use this idea for under-cabinet lights as well.


The epitome of fine dining, you can add crystal to your kitchen in the most traditional of ways by investing in a beautiful set of tumbler glasses or champagne flutes. Crystal also looks stunning – and ultra-glamorous – in lighting fixtures. There are plenty of styles of crystal kitchen lighting to choose from: from modern pendant lights to statement chandeliers. 


If you want to make a subtle statement with crystal, try adding crystal handles or knobs to your kitchen cabinets. 


Use soft fabrics such as velvet and silk on rugs, curtains, upholstery, and cushions to provide a sumptuous style. Velvets and silks create an indulgent setting, while still being comfortable. For pure glamour, opt for darker shades such as blacks, deep blues, and dark greys. 


Natural materials such as high-quality linen have long been used to add a touch of sophistication and class, without going over the top. Complement warm grey tones used on cabinets or work surfaces with a touch of classic navy. Linen roman blinds or curtains will add texture to any space. It will also provide a striking backdrop to glamourous feature lighting. 


Check out our post on latest premium kitchen design trends  for more inspiration or visit our studios  for some professional appliance help.